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'See Red': Aaron Cohen talks gun reform, hip-hop and gastronomy in Paris

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The surprising growth of evangelical churches in France

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Requiem for the Arab Spring: Why has Tunisia succeeded where others failed?

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Europe in a digital world: EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

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'The New Silk Road': Arctic melt sparks territorial scramble

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'Soviet-era enthusiasm' delivers Putin landslide

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Facebook under pressure over Cambridge Analytica data harvest

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#TECH 24

Unearthing the past with technology

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'60 Minutes' to air interview with porn actress alleging affair with Trump

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Our panel of Paris-based journalists review the week’s international news: the stories that made the headlines and also those you may have missed! Join us every Friday at 7.10 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2012-01-16

Assad's message to the outside world

François Picard's panellists wonder if the killing of a French journalist in Homs is part of a broader message by the Syrian regime to stay out. Also, a look at Iran's response to yet another assassination of a nuclear scientist.

  • Judah Grunstein, Editor-in-Chief, World Politics Review;
  • Ammar Abd Rabbo, Photojournalist, Balkis Press;
  • Hamdam Mostafavi, Journalist at Iran Desk, Courrier International;
  • Nicholas Norbrook, Senior Editor, The Africa Report.

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Produced by Paul Maakad, Christopher Davies, Mary Colombel, Anelise Borges. 



2018-03-16 Russia

Poisoned relations: UK sanctions Russia over nerve agent attack

This week saw the UK announce the largest expulsion of Russian diplomats since the Cold War. The move came in response to a nerve agent attack on British soil, believed to be...

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2018-03-09 Kim Jong-un

Kim and Trump agree to first ever meeting; Ex-Russian spy mystery in UK

Our panel of journalists discuss this week’s surprise announcement that US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have agreed to meet. We also look at the...

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2018-03-02 Brexit

Hard facts of Brexit: Theresa May pressed on future relationship with Europe

Theresa May acknowledged in a speech this Friday that Britain will have less access to EU markets after Brexit. However, she also asked for some special rules to apply to the UK...

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2018-02-23 gun control

Gun control in the United States: Will the Florida shooting be a turning point?

The latest Florida shooting resulted in 17 deaths and shook the corridors of power in Washington. Donald Trump is now talking about reviewing who is allowed to buy certain types...

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2018-02-16 South Africa

New Beginning? Ramaphosa Replaces Zuma in South Africa

Cyril Ramaphosa is the new president of South Africa after Jacob Zuma finally relinquished power in the face of enduring scandal. The 65-year-old Ramaphosa is promising a clean...

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