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#TECH 24

Samsung's Gear VR Reviewed

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#TECH 24

How to become a Cyborg

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Paris rediscovers Picasso

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#THE 51%

Should freezing your eggs be a company benefit?

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Norway: Utoya massacre survivors still seeking answers

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Tunisia clashes: Police exchange fire with armed terrorists near capital

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Ukraine's crippled elections

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Manuel Valls and the 'art of putting one's foot in one's mouth'

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Why does Catalonia want to leave Spain?

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Latest update : 2012-02-16

Peru: the end of the Shining Path

Is it the end of the road for Peru’s once-powerful Shining Path rebel group? The country has arrested one of the group's most notorious criminals. In Venezuela, it certainly won’t be easy to topple Hugo Chavez, but Henrique Capriles Radonski is taking on the task. Finally, two years after the explosion of its underwater oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, BP is expected to pay out between 20 and 25 billion dollars to the US government in compensation.



2014-10-22 Brazil

Brazil: The battle for undecided voters

Brazilians are voting for a new president this Sunday. Dilma Rousseff and her pro-business challenger Aecio Neves are focusing on voters who receive welfare benefits, a quarter...

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2014-10-16 Ebola

Ebola: Outbreak sparks panic in United States

This week, two American nurses have contracted Ebola after they helped care for a Liberian man with the disease. That's prompted panic across the United States. Next, there's a...

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2014-10-08 Mexico

Mexico: Shock and mourning following mass grave discovery

Authorities in Mexico are under growing pressure to solve the disappearance of 43 students. Two gang hitmen have admitted killing 17 of the students after the discovery of a mass...

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2014-10-01 Barack Obama

Narendra Modi's US charm offensive

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets a rock star welcome in the United States, with 19,000 people in New York and a meeting with the president. Next, the first round of...

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2014-09-24 climate change

Abuse scandal: American football league under fire after Rice video

The Head of the NFL apologises after domestic abuse scandals hit American football. The League has been accused of ignoring the behaviour of stars like Ray Rice. Also, the UN...

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