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Text by FRANCE 24 (with wires)

Latest update : 2012-02-22

A Norwegian princess offers advice on how to speak to angels and 63% of committed couples say their partner is their most important source of happiness, according to a global poll released on Valentine's Day.

Survey: 63% say a partner brings the most happiness

In a global survey released on Valentine’s Day, 63% of those who are married or have a domestic partner said their relationship with their partner is their greatest source of happiness.

The new Ipsos/Reuters poll also found that 45% of the single population believes that finding a romantic partner would bring them the most happiness in life.

Norwegian princess offers advice on speaking to angels

Norway’s Princess Martha Louise published a second book on speaking to angels on February 16, aiming to inform the public on how to communicate with heavenly guardians.

"There are an infinite number of angels all around us who want to help us in all circumstances and at all times," the princess and her co-author, Elisabeth Nordeng, wrote in their introduction to "The Secrets of Angels".

The book is a sequel to "Discover your Guardian Angel", which the collaborators published in 2009.

The princess, who is fourth in line to the Norwegian crown and runs her own alternative medicine business, has renounced the title of Princess Royal along with most official duties in order to concentrate on her private life.

French police investigate cemetery theft of diamond dog collar

French police are investigating the theft of a diamond-studded dog collar from a grave at the world's oldest pet cemetery, whose most famous tenant is Hollywood’s Rin Tin Tin.

Police told AFP that someone stole the collar, worth some €9,000, in the Paris suburb of Asnières-sur-Seine on February 4 after unearthing the remains of a black poodle that once belonged to an American industrialist's wife, who had her pet buried in a marble tomb in 2003.

The cemetery was founded in 1899 after a law was passed requiring pets to be buried in plots 100 metres from any private homes and at a depth of at least one metre.

Police survey thieves to learn tricks of the trade

Danish police in Northern Zealand will soon be asking the burglars they catch in the district to share the secrets of their law-breaking lives.

Police spokesman Finn Bernth Andersen says burglars will be asked to take part in an anonymous survey on their professional motives and preferences, including what makes a house a good target and how they dispose of stolen goods.

The region has seen a 60% surge in break-ins annually, prompting police to seek new ways of stemming the crime wave.

Sweden’s sheep-herding bunny becomes YouTube sensation

Champis the bunny has become a YouTube sensation after video surfaced of him herding his masters' flock of sheep -- possibly in emulation of the couple’s border collies, who usually do the job.

The footage of the 5-year-old pet rabbit from the northern village of Kal in Sweden has received more than 700,000 YouTube hits. The video, shot in June, shows Champis running back and forth, trying to keep the sheep in an orderly group inside their pen.


(Sources: Reuters, AFP)


Date created : 2012-02-16


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