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Hissène Habré is sentenced to life in prison

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"The best way to afford a suit is to get a job"

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Victims speak out about alleged abuse by French priests

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Falluja: Make or break, Iraq offensive led by Shiite militias (part 1)

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Falluja: Make or break, Iraq offensive part of campaign on three fronts (part 2)

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Music Show: Emily Loizeau, Paul Simon, James Blake

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#TECH 24

The rise of antibiotic resistant superbugs

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James Galbraith on Greece's debt crisis: ‘A default is inevitable’

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The European Union: United in right-wing nationalism?

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Latest update : 2012-03-02

Dangerous 'krokodil' seducing Russian drug addicts

Russia is home to more than 2 million heroin users - more than anywhere else in the world. A cheaper and severely addictive morphine derivative called desomorphine, or krokodil, is widely available and becoming addicts' drug of choice. The name refers to the scaly appearance of krokodil users' skin, which often turns black or develops gangrenous sores. While Russian authorities remain silent, one group is determined to win this drug war. It uses a radical weapon: mandatory rehab for junkies.

For the past few months people in Moscow have been hearing about a new homemade drug, synthesized from codeine and known as "krokodil". This drug is 15 times as harmful as the real thing, and far more dangerous.

Even though some Russian media have done reports on the drug, hard facts about it remain scarce. Recently, some graphic videos have been uploaded to YouTube showing the terrible side effects the drug can have on its users.

We were in the city most affected by the krokodil epidemic: Ekaterinbourg, in the Urals. We first stopped at the local ”narcotic health center”, where addicts go to rest for a few days. 




2016-05-26 Ukraine

Ukraine: Searching for missing people in Donbass

For the past two years, Ukraine has been divided. Despite several truces, clashes continue in the eastern regions between pro-Russian separatists and government forces. According...

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2016-05-20 El Salvador

El Salvador held hostage by gangs

Last year in El Salvador, more than one person in every 1,000 was killed, a figure more typical of a country at war. The vast majority of these victims are young men, members of...

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2016-05-13 Eritrea

Video: A visa for Eritrea, the 'African North Korea'

Eritrea, a small nation on the Horn of Africa, is one of the most isolated countries in the world. It is also one of the most secretive, and has been duly nicknamed the “African...

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2016-05-04 Israel

Palestinian ‘knife intifada’ reflects a generation's despair

For the past seven months, Israelis have faced an unprecedented wave of violence: not a real “intifada”, but a series of almost daily "lone wolf" knife attacks. These are not...

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2016-04-28 USA

The vicious cycle of student debt in the US

Student debt in the United States now stands at over a trillion dollars. And it’s going up, to the tune of 2,700 dollars per second. FRANCE 24 reporters Philip Crowther and...

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