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Paris: A nightlife in limbo?

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Video: 40 years on, Franco's ghost still haunts Spain

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#TECH 24

'Life as a cyborg' with Angel Giuffria

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Video: Can love finally beat the caste system in Senegal?

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Saimir Pirgu, a leading tenor mentored by Pavarotti and Domingo

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#THE 51%

Feminist icons and young female Democrats clash over Hillary Clinton

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The Perche region: The art of peasantry

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Forbidden love in Senegal: Khady and Massamba's caste struggle

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The 'Académie française': Guard dog of the French language

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Latest update : 2012-03-08

Stop Joseph Kony

A "Stop Joseph Kony" campaign has been launched on the internet. The American NGO Invisible Children wants to put pressure on US politicians to put an end to the bloodshed in northern Uganda. Kony, the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army rebels, is suspected of turning thousands of boys into fighters and girls into sex slaves across central Africa.

By Aurore Cloe DUPUIS



2016-02-11 François Hollande

Hollande reshuffle in online buzz

We take a look at online reactions to François Hollande's cabinet reshuffle.

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2016-02-10 Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders fires up the grass roots

Young Democratic voters are "feeling the Bern" and flocking to Bernie Sanders' anti-establishment candidacy. We take a look at media coverage of his victory over Hillary Clinton...

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2016-02-09 constitution

French MPs slammed for staying away from emergency powers reform vote

Three-quarters of French MPs did not turn up for a crucial parliamentary vote yesterday, the first in a series of votes as the government tries to enshrine controversial...

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2016-02-08 Angela Merkel

Merkel's Migrant Conundrum

MediaWatch takes a look at how the migrant crisis is affecting the German chancellor's popularity. Angela Merkel has seen her ratings fall by almost 20 percent in the last year....

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2016-02-08 Beyonce

Beyoncé's Black Power Message

MediaWatch casts an eye over the Super Bowl half-time show that's got everyone talking. Beyoncé sends out an unequivocal political message and it could usher in a new era for the...

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