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Paris Fashion Week: Saint Laurent, Lanvin, present new designers

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#THE 51%

Online and proud: Iranian women use social media in a campaign for equality

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#TECH 24

Say hello to Pepper!

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Video: The final days of Colombia’s FARC guerilla

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Video: Abkhazia, the country that (almost) doesn't exist

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Lawlessness and lynchings in Venezuela

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Volkswagen: ‘We've changed the foundations of our company’

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The chandelier, master of light

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Vive le vin! Understanding France’s love of wine

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A debate on the latest developments in French politics with two Paris-based journalists. Every Tuesday at 4.45 pm Paris time.



Latest update : 2012-04-05

Presidential Election: The Islamist Factor

The arrests of dozens of alleged Islamists and the deportation of several radical preachers in the wake of the Toulouse and Montauban shootings are raising questions. Is Sarkozy playing on fear? What can his rivals say about such a sensitive issue? Meanwhile, a scandal over the financial gifts of the Bettencourt family that controls L'Oréal appears to be getting closer and closer to Nicolas Sarkozy.

On the set:

  • Jean-Marc Gonin, Senior Writer, Le Figaro Magazine
  • Philip Turle, Journalist, RFI.




2016-09-27 Calais

Migrant crisis: A political football in France?

For years, migrants trying to make their way from France across the Channel to the UK have been stuck in the Calais "jungle" migrant camp, often living in squalid conditions. And...

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2016-09-21 Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen's presidential campaign: One step closer?

After months of near-silence, the leader of France's National Front party Marine Le Pen has come one step closer to launching her campaign to become France's next president when...

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2016-09-13 French politics

Hollande vs Sarkozy: A remake of the 2012 presidential election?

French President François Hollande and his predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, are angling for a second face-off in the presidential elections scheduled for May of next year. Over the...

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2016-09-06 Les Républicains

Conservative primaries in France: A bitter fight?

This Friday, the line-up for the primary to designate the conservative candidate for next year's French presidential elections will be officially announced. The poll, which is...

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2016-07-19 Truck attack in Nice

After attack in Nice, French political unity evaporates

After the third major terrorist attack on French soil in the past 18 months, the solidarity between France's political parties has vanished. Immediately after the Bastille Day...

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