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Cinema, a French love affair

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#TECH 24

'VR' immersive journalism

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Nepal revisited, one year after the deadly earthquake

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France's River Charente, a rich ecosystem

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Libya: Who's running the country?

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Legendary German theatre director Peter Stein tackles Samuel Beckett classic en français

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#THE 51%

Award-winning filmmaker seeks to find out what makes a jihadist

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The vicious cycle of student debt in the US

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Venezuela's boiling point: Power outages spark outrage (part 1)

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Latest update : 2012-04-10

Pyongyang invites foreign journalists to cover anniversary rocket launch

North Korea opens its doors to foreign media, as they show off their satellite launch. But will Western journalists question the regime, as guests of Pyongyang? We also take a look at a little Mexican newspaper that is taking on a big issue.

By Olivia Salazar-Winspear



2016-04-28 Venezuela

Venezuela's two-day week

We take a look at online buzz surrounding the economic crisis and unrest in Venezuela. Also, protests against reforms to labour laws in France became violent in several French...

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2016-04-27 Salah Abdeslam

Abdeslam's lawyer calls him 'a little moron'

Suspected of being involved in the Paris attacks last November, Salah Abdeslam has now been extradited to France. His lawyers in both Belgium and France have been speaking to the...

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2016-04-26 Nicolas Sarkozy

Sarkozy says 'Up All Night' participants are 'brainless'

The ongoing "Up All Night" or "Nuit Debout" protests in France are increasingly drawing criticism from the political right, but former president Nicolas Sarkozy sharpened his...

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2016-04-25 François Hollande

'Last-ditch' attempt to save Hollande's re-election hopes

François Hollande's abysmal approval ratings have led many to speculate that he will not seek re-election. A last-ditch attempt to drum up support on the political left has been...

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2016-04-22 Barack Obama

Barack, Boris and Brexit

MediaWatch takes a look at reactions to Barack Obama's call for the UK to remain in the European Union. London's mayor causes upset by saying the US president's views are...

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