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#TECH 24

COP21: How technology fights climate change

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Burkina Faso gears up for crunch presidential elections

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#THE 51%

Standing up against violence

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Cutting the cash flow: How governments are tackling terror financing

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Thirteen years after Bali bombings, tourists return but painful memories remain

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Journey to Antarctica, a continent under threat

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Paris is a celebration: Hemingway’s memoir flies off the shelves

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Retailers eager to cash in as Black Friday kicks off

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A debate on the latest developments in French politics with two Paris-based journalists. Every Tuesday at 4.45 pm Paris time.



Latest update : 2012-04-19

Presidential Race: Mission impossible for Sarkozy?

The polls look bad and some of his former allies and ministers are abandoning ship. But Nicolas Sarkozy is still convinced he can be re-elected and beat the odds of other European leaders who have been swept away by the economic crisis. What are his chances?

On the set:

  • Philip TURLE, Journalist, RFI;
  • Mark DEEN, Journalist, Bloomberg News.




2015-11-24 French politics

After the Paris attacks: All behind the president?

The Paris attacks of November 13 have upended the campaign for next month's regional elections. While the Socialists were headed for a drubbing, President François Hollande's...

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2015-11-10 Calais

Migrant crisis: Europe's failure?

Three million migrants are now expected to arrive in Europe by 2017. This announcement by the European Commission is proof that the issue will not go away and that the...

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2015-11-03 French politics

French regional elections: Far-right National Front set for strong showing

In just one month's time, regional elections will be held here in France. They are partly a dress rehearsal for the next poll, the 2017 presidential election. Most of all, they...

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2015-10-27 France

Ten years after Paris suburb riots: A 'social apartheid'?

Ten years ago, the French suburbs erupted in a wave of violence after the tragic deaths of two teenagers chased by the police. A state of emergency was declared and it took...

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2015-10-20 French politics

French social dialogue: Mission impossible?

This week, the French president convened a so-called "social conference" with trade unions and business officials, the fourth of his presidency. This forum is a symbol of...

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