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Paris Fashion Week: Saint Laurent, Lanvin, present new designers

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#THE 51%

Online and proud: Iranian women use social media in a campaign for equality

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#TECH 24

Say hello to Pepper!

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Video: The final days of Colombia’s FARC guerilla

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Video: Abkhazia, the country that (almost) doesn't exist

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Lawlessness and lynchings in Venezuela

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Volkswagen: ‘We've changed the foundations of our company’

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The chandelier, master of light

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Vive le vin! Understanding France’s love of wine

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Latest update : 2012-05-15

Air Hollande

Back on the campaign trail, Marine Le Pen readies herself for battle in Hénin-Beaumont, where she'll face Jean-Luc Mélenchon. We also take a look at the private jet company poking fun at the president-elect's pricey short haul flights, and try to guess who'll be picked for the top posts in the new cabinet.

By Olivia Salazar-Winspear



2016-09-29 Donald Trump

Trump accuses Google of 'suppressing bad news about Clinton'

Are Google algorithms favouring one candidate over another in the US Presidential election? Trump and many of his supporters seem to think Hillary Clinton is being favoured while...

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2016-09-28 Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres, 'a man of many faces'

We take a look at editorials and obituaries - both positive and negative - on the passing of Shimon Peres.

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2016-09-27 Hillary Clinton

Hillary wins debate but Trump 'wins undecideds'

Some analysts say last night's presidential debate was almost like two parallel debates, as Clinton and Trump's styles and discourses were so different. Indeed, depending on...

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2016-09-26 Donald Trump

Anticipating the debate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will for the first time face off in a televised debate tonight - many are saying Hillary will be more closely scrutinised and criticised. We take...

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2016-09-23 Hillary Clinton

Clinton's comedy turn

MediaWatch takes a look at Hillary Clinton's comedy turn on "Between Two Ferns". The US presidential hopeful was aiming to drum up interest among young voters with an appearance...

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