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#TECH 24

COP21: How technology fights climate change

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Going above and beyond to measure pollution

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Burkina Faso gears up for crunch presidential elections

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#THE 51%

Standing up against violence

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Cutting the cash flow: How governments are tackling terror financing

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Thirteen years after Bali bombings, tourists return but painful memories remain

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Journey to Antarctica, a continent under threat

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Paris is a celebration: Hemingway’s memoir flies off the shelves

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Retailers eager to cash in as Black Friday kicks off

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Latest update : 2013-05-12

Christiane Taubira: the right's new Twitter target

France's new justice minister, Christiane Taubira, is the target of a negative Twitter campaign, as the opposition take to their keyboards to criticise the new cabinet. We also look at the upcoming parliamentary elections, and the challenges facing French voters who live abroad. Finally, we discover a hair-raising bet that saw one football managing sporting his team's colours - on his head.

By Olivia Salazar-Winspear



2015-11-26 Russia

Russian retribution

MediaWatch takes a look at Turkey's decision to shoot down a Russian fighter jet - and the repercussions. Also, the White House tradition of pardoning a turkey on Thanksgiving...

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2015-11-25 media

Media purchasing amateur footage of Paris attacks causes controversy

Amateur footage has been purchased by some media outlets showing some of the shootings that took place during the Paris attacks as well as the police raid in Saint-Denis. The...

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2015-11-23 Belgium

Belgian police thank 'cats' for creating diversion during anti-terror operation

A fresh take on big and bizarre news in the newspapers, on news websites, blogs and social media. We also look at stories about how the media functions and how it's evolving in...

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2015-11-16 Paris attacks

Conspiracy Theories

Belle Lupton takes us through some of the conspiracy theories emerging online around Friday's terrorist attacks on Paris.

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2015-11-20 Paris attacks

Paris Remembers - One Week On

Media Watch takes a look at the images of Paris in remembrance, marking the exact moment - one week ago - when terror came to the French capital. We also look at the...

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