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Pantheon: Acknowledging France's great men and women

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#TECH 24

One heart, one tree: An app that bridges tech and the environment

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Immigration, an American paradox

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Video - Abu Azrael: ‘Iraq’s Rambo’

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#THE 51%

Brave women of history: French Resistance Heroines inducted into Pantheon

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Edith Piaf tribute's encore run, and jazz festival season in full swing

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Breaking up with the EU: Brexit or Fixit?

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Baccarat, the crystal of princes and presidents

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Latest update : 2012-05-31

My fellow Amercians...

The Human Zombie: a Miami man branded a cannibal is revealed to have been under the influence of a drug sold as "Bath salts". We take a look at an anti-Obama video aired on the Fox television channel, and the internet is delighted by Mitt Romney's spelling mistake.

By Olivia Salazar-Winspear



2015-05-28 UK

Cameron's EU charm offensive

MediaWatch takes a look at the views and stories surrounding the forthcoming referendum on EU membership, to be held in the UK before 2017. As David Cameron attempts to turn on...

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2015-05-27 FIFA

Football, fraud and FIFA

MediaWatch takes a look at the views, stories and images emerging in the wake of the FIFA fraud and corruption allegations. FIFA officials were among those arrested in dawn...

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2015-05-26 USA

Could Johnny Depp be jailed over dog row in Oz?

MediaWatch takes a look at how the US is trying to smooth relations with Iraq after questioning Iraqi soldiers’ "will to fight". Also, Nicolas Sarkozy wins a first battle in his...

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2015-05-25 Burundi

Dance like nobody's watching!

MediaWatch takes a look at the latest images and harrowing testimony coming out of Burundi. Also, what should be done about internet trolls? Barack Obama’s new Twitter account is...

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2015-05-22 Ireland

Inequality, sexism and the movie industry

Irish ex-pats make incredible journeys to register their vote in the referendum on same-sex marriage. Cannes’s director defends his film festival from accusations of sexism and...

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