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South Korea: Riding the K-culture wave

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#THE 51%

Diving back in: Offering support for French mothers returning to work

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Chaotic post-hurricane relief efforts in Haiti

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Cash crunch casualties: India's wedding industry suffers from currency changes

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Ivory Coast faces uphill battle against counterfeit medicine

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The fight for transparency: Democracy put to the test

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Choreographer Akram Khan: 'The body speaks the truth'

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Admiring the gardens of tomorrow in France's Loire valley

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French fashion legend Pierre Cardin celebrates 70 years of design

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Political and social events from the Middle East, with exclusive reports and interviews. Tuesday at 5.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2012-06-26

Morsi and the changing face of the Middle East

The world woke up to a different Middle East on Monday, one where a Muslim Brother has been proclaimed President-elect of Egypt. We look at what Mohamad Morsi's win could change in the region. Next, our reporter Assia Shihab travels to Syria undercover. She follows rebels fighting to keep control of a strategic mountain area. Finally, faced with a wave of illegal migration Israel begins a wave of deportations.



2016-12-07 Syria

Aleppo: The story of 7-year-old Bana Alabed

This week, we introduce you to the seven-year-old Syrian girl whose Twitter account has won followers the world over: Bana Alabed. Now, however, her recent absence from the...

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2016-11-29 Iraq

Discovering the new wave of Egyptian musical talent

This week, we introduce you to the new wave of Egyptian musical talent. A type of music called Mahraganat has surged onto Egypt's underground scene in recent years. It has become...

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2016-11-22 Syria

War in Syria: Photojournalism at any cost

This week, with foreign journalists no longer covering the siege of Aleppo for security reasons, ordinary Syrians are risking their lives to document the war with their own...

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2016-11-15 Iraq

Battle for Mosul: Iraqi army tries to win over locals

This week, we see how defeating the Islamic State group is only half the battle. Our special correspondents report on how the Iraqi army is trying to regain the trust of the...

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2016-11-08 Yemen

War in Yemen: Saada, a city in ruins

This week, we take you to Yemen, where more than 7,000 people have been killed and another 21 million are in urgent need of health assistance. We focus on Saada, a city reduced...

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