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The battle against illegal fishing in West Africa

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Trump has already quit the Paris climate deal - just not publicly

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#TECH 24

The Ice Memory Project: A treasure trove for future scientists

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Cannes 2017: Stars dig deep at AIDS gala dinner

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French fashion designer Jacquemus declares his love for Marseille

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A piece of work: New French government braces for labour law reform

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#THE 51%

Ridding workplaces of sexism: What companies can do to banish outdated attitudes

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Exclusive: Inside the battle for Mosul, chaos on the ground

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The Marais district, the beating heart of Paris

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Political and social events from the Middle East, with exclusive reports and interviews. Tuesday at 5.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2012-07-10

Egypt: Standoff between Muslim Brotherhood and army

In Egypt the newly-elected Islamist President and the country's military rulers are on a collision course. Meanwhile, once again the international community rallies around the Syrian opposition but with little impact on the ground. Finally, Iraqi surgeons try to put the country's health system back on its feet.



2017-05-24 West Bank

Meeting 'cultural activist' and soprano Dima Bawab

This week, we introduce you to soprano Dima Bawab. A Jordanian citizen born to Palestinian parents, she has been singing since the tender age of four. Dima is now putting her...

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2017-05-17 Iran

Iranian elections: Taking the temperature in Tehran

This week's special show is brought to you from Tehran as some 55 million Iranians prepare to elect a new president on Friday. FRANCE 24 hit the streets to talk to voters about...

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2017-05-09 Gaza Strip

Water crisis in Gaza Strip puts lives at risk

In Gaza, a water crisis is putting Palestinian lives at risk. Less than four percent of fresh water is drinkable and the surrounding sea is polluted by sewage. That's according...

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2017-05-02 Egypt

Egypt opens the door to women preachers

In Egypt, women are breaking the stained glass ceiling with pulpits open to Muslim female preachers for the first time. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Religious Endowments...

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2017-04-25 Lebanon

Lebanon: Activists ramp up pressure over rape law

In Lebanon, an archaic law currently allows rapists to escape punishment if they marry their victim. But a motion was proposed last year to get rid of the measure. Now, ahead of...

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