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#TECH 24

COP21: How technology fights climate change

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Burkina Faso gears up for crunch presidential elections

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#THE 51%

Standing up against violence

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Cutting the cash flow: How governments are tackling terror financing

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Thirteen years after Bali bombings, tourists return but painful memories remain

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Journey to Antarctica, a continent under threat

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Paris is a celebration: Hemingway’s memoir flies off the shelves

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Retailers eager to cash in as Black Friday kicks off

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An in-depth look at the political and social events shaping France. Every Friday at 5.45 pm Paris time.



Latest update : 2012-07-26

Olympics: will Team France make its country proud?

Hungry for medals and hoping for gold - the 332 members of Team France prepare to take London by storm. Next, is French society sexist? A recent incident in the National Assembly is sparking controversy. Finally, we look at why France is still the world's top tourist destination.





2015-11-27 pollution

Going above and beyond to measure pollution

In this edition we're putting Paris under the microscope as we train our eye on an invisible threat: pollution. This as the French capital gears up to host the UN COP21 climate...

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2015-11-20 Paris attacks

Paris terror attacks: In the wake of a national trauma

Shock, anger and dismay. Those are just some of the ways to describe the feeling here in the French capital, a city which has found itself the target of deadly terrorist attacks...

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2015-11-13 media

Newspaper industry: What outlook for the French press?

This week, we examine the state of the French press, which like the print media in many other countries has seen circulation figures fall sharply. We look at how the main players...

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2015-11-06 history

Fontainebleau: Home sweet home for King Francis I

This week, we take you to the castle of Fontainebleau, which was the favorite residence of King Francis I. It's a perfect setting for this edition of France in Focus, which marks...

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2015-10-30 suburbs

2005 riots, ten years on

This week, France in Focus is dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the wave of unrest that shook the nation in 2005. We first take a look back at the event that sparked 21 days...

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