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Latest update : 2012-07-27

Fate of President Basescu hangs in balance

Romania is gripped by an unprecedented political crisis. Parliament suspended centre-right President Traian Basescu on July 16th. The opposition call it a coup d'état organised by a coalition of socialists and liberals. Brussels and Washington have voiced concerns about what they say are undemocratic developments, but the fate of Romania is still in the hands of Romanians. On Sunday, they will vote in a referendum on whether or not to back the suspension of President Basescu.

By Mirel BRAN



2014-11-28 China

Is this the end of Hong Kong's 'Umbrella Movement'?

As we've been reporting on FRANCE 24, the so-called "Umbrella Revolution" in Hong Kong has been dwindling in recent weeks. Authorities have dismantled barricades, cleared...

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2014-11-27 France

Thiaroye, a dark chapter in France and Senegal's common history

Senegalese "Tirailleurs" were soldiers from France's West African colonies who served in the French army in both World Wars. In 1940, many were made prisoners by the Germans who...

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2014-11-26 Ukraine

One year on, what has Maidan changed in Ukraine?

Ukraine recently marked one year since the start of the Maidan protests that ultimately toppled Viktor Yanukovich. Since then, fresh elections have been held. The association...

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2014-09-26 France

Americans in Paris

Last report in our series celebrating Paris's rich cultural diversity: natives of both the North and South of the American Continent now call Paris home. They've brought with...

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2014-11-25 violence against women

Working with offenders also key to ending domestic violence

To mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women we bring you a report on how France is trying to stamp out what remains an all-too-common form of...

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