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Nigeria's Battles

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Nigeria's Battles (part 2)

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Over 70 killed in Nigeria bus station terror attack

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Pornagraphy without borders is key benefit of EU, says French MEP

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China trade deal: is Taiwan's identity under threat?

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“Booty Looting” memory and mediums

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Another Google Glass wearer attacked in San Francisco

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Sustainable cuisine

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Eastern Ukraine: the escalation (part 2)

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Christophe Robeet takes you to one of the 28 EU member states for a series of exclusive reports and interviews with local MEPs. Produced in partnership with the European Parliament. The last Saturday of the month, at 12.10 pm Paris time.



Latest update : 2012-07-31

Iceland: rising from the ashes (part 1)

Four years after the crash of its banking sector, Iceland is growing again. But as our reporters find out, the unresolved Icesave dispute continues to poison relations between Reykjavik and its European partners. We talk to Iceland's president who tells us why he remains opposed to EU membership, and we look into the role of women on this liberal island. And in this land of geysers and volcanoes, we explore the many possibilities of geothermal power.

Director: Caroline de Camaret
Presenter: Christophe Robeet
Producers: Alix Le Bourdon, Julie Dungelhoeff and Salima Belhadj
Reporter: Julie Dungelhoeff
Journalist: Salima Belhadj
Cameraman: Stéphane Bodenne
Video editing: D. Mironenko, P. Samand, F. Fernandez, J. Gadin

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To know more about EU enlargement

By Christophe ROBEET




2014-03-22 Turkish Cypriots

Cyprus peace talks: Reconciliation at last?

After 40 years of division, is a peace deal between Greek and Turkish Cypriots within reach? We find out why the discovery of gas reserves in the Mediterranean Sea could act as a...

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2014-03-22 United Nations

Cyprus peace talks: Reconciliation at last? (part 2)

We meet Cypriot MEP Antigoni Papadopoulou on the Green Line, the UN-patrolled buffer zone that runs through the island like a scar. We then head to Famagusta: this port has been...

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2014-02-22 Tax havens

Luxembourg: a haven for tax evaders? (part 1)

A prosperous nation of 500,000 people, Luxembourg has become Europe's biggest investment management centre. But despite the country's efforts to improve banking transparency, our...

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2014-02-22 Portugal

Luxembourg: A haven for tax evaders? (part 2)

We meet Luxembourg's largest immigration group: the Portuguese, who arrived here in the 1970s to work in the steel mills. Four decades later, a new generation of Portuguese...

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2014-01-25 Latvia

Latvia joins the euro club

On January 1st, this Baltic nation of two million people officially became the eurozone's 18th member. While local businesses overwhelmingly support the euro, a majority of...

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