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Latest update : 2012-08-05

Olympics awash in Twitter, for better or worse

Twitter and the Olympic Games: not always a match made in heaven. The Mayor of London unwittingly becomes the latest web sensation. And for his new video clip, singer Jason Mraz is asking for help from web users.

Olympics awash in Twitter, for better or worse

The 2012 Olympics, in London yes but also on Twitter. Olympic fever has hit the social network with tweets, comments and scandals from competitors and sports enthusiasts the world over.

But Twitter does not always work to one’s advantage and has caused some people’s Olympic dreams to go up in smoke. Greek athlete, Voula Papachristou learnt this the hard way. 48 hours before the games began; the triple jumper posted a tweet deemed racist. Her comments were widely shared on the web, resulting in the Greek champion being kicked off her national team, meaning she involuntarily goes down in Olympic history as being the first athlete to be expelled from the games, over a tweet!

An incident involving Michel Morganella also set the Twittersphere abuzz is. The Swiss footballer drew unwanted attention when he too, posted a racist comment, aimed at South Koreans, after his team lost to their side. His words deeply shocked web users and the footballer ended up apologizing, but the Olympic Committee had already made the decision and Morganella was asked to pack his bags and leave.

But it’s not just athletes sparking controversy on the social network. Journalist Guy Adams saw his Twitter account suspended after criticizing the Olympic coverage aired on American TV network NBC. The micro blogging site, official partner for NBC’s Olympic coverage took a disliking to Adams’ caustic comments, much to the general indignation of the Twitter community. And so after being temporarily out of action, his Twitter account is now back up.


Mayor of London becomes internet sensation

When Boris Johnson visited a London park on Wednesday, to celebrate the 2012 Olympics, little did he think he was about to become the latest web sensation. But as we can see from these pictures posted on the ITV News website, when the British capital’s somewhat eccentric mayor took part in a zip wire ride, he found himself dangling midair, in full view of onlookers, for some twenty minutes: a comical scene that soon found its way online, where web users have been having a field day.

Online pranksters have started producing spoof images of Boris Johnson suspended from his harness some 10 meters above ground. And there has been no limit to their creativity; depicting the Mayor of London in all sorts of wacky scenarios, or integrating their new hero into film posters.

A number of sites have been set up, poking harmless fun at the man now known as the dangling mayor. Platforms like “dangleboris” which compiles all the send-ups doing the rounds on the web. And Twitter users can share their Johnson related findings and creations under the key words “Boris on a Wire”.

And finally, others have parodied the video footage of Boris Johnson on the zip wire ride, by adding music or editing in scenes from famous films. Here we see the Mayor of London dangling to the R.Kelly track “I believe I can fly” … and in this video he is portrayed as Superman, off to save the widow and the orphan…


Could you be a medallist?

How would you match up to Carl Lewis or Usain Bolt in the 100 meters, how would you fare against Mark Spitz in the Olympic pool; well you can find out in this video game created by British daily The Guardian. With the very retro and pixelated 80’s style “Could you be a medalist” you can see how your personal best compares with the all-time Olympic greats from the worlds of athletics, swimming or cycling.


Now trending on social networks

American singer Jason Mraz is seeking ideas to incorporate into his new video clip, under the Twitter hashtag « #Mrazingthevideo ». Micro bloggers are asked to post messages on the social network explaining what the woman in their life means to them. The tweets will then be used to illustrate his track “the woman I love”. Fans have until August 6 to submit their suggestions.


Video of the day

Could zombies live among us? The people behind this video transformed some New Yorkers into the living dead and sent them out onto the streets, much to the surprise and terror of passersby, to find out … This exceptionally realistic clip is part of a current viral campaign in the US promoting popular TV series “The Walking Dead”.

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