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Could France's Macron be Europe's climate hero?

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Russia cracks down on hooligans ahead of 2018 World Cup

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Award-winning author Lionel Shriver: Trump 'stole my idea'

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DR Congo authorities find ten more mass graves in Kasai

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Poll suggests Trump presidency takes toll on US image abroad

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France's new parliament: 'Debutante ball' at the Bourbon Palace

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Music show: Electro Deluxe, Paris Hip-Hop Festival and TLC's comeback

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Frankfurt leads Paris in race for Brexit spoils

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20 years of Harry Potter

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A live debate on the topic of the day, with four guests. From Monday to Thursday at 7.10 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2012-08-08

Syria conflict: On the frontline

Getting to the truth in Syria has proved a major challenge for foreign journalists. Barred from reporting, news organisations have often been forced to rely on so-called citizen journalism. Amateur videos uploaded to the internet provide a snapshot of the horrors unfolding in Syrian cities, but they do not tell a complete story. Laura Baines and her panel try to paint a clearer picture of what's happening on the ground in Syria.

  • Lama KHAYER, Media activist, freelance journalist;
  • Michael WEISS, Communications Director for the Henry Jackson Society, a foreign policy think tank;
  • Jonathan PARIS, London-based Middle East Analyst, Senior Fellow, the Atlantic Council of the United States;
  • Chady CHLELA, France 24 Correspondent;
  • Jasper MORTIMER, France 24's Turkey correspondent;
  • Mathieu MABIN, France 24 Senior Correspondent.

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    Programme prepared and produced by Diaraye Bah, Sara Bertilsson and Mary Colombel 



2017-06-26 Narendra MODI

Modi meets Trump: The ties that bind US, India leaders

How much do Donald Trump and Narendra Modi really have in common? Their personal lifestyles may be radically different but both are nationalists with strong personalities, who...

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2017-06-22 Emmanuel Macron

Macron's marching orders: New French president's first EU summit

Emmanuel Macron sounded like a man in charge as he chastised East European leaders that flout common rules on refugees and freedom of speech. At his first EU summit as French...

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2017-06-21 Queen Elizabeth II

Queen's Speech: Monarch outlines two-year plan as Brexit looms

Our panel of guests focus on the state opening of parliament in London, where the Queen usually reads out the government's to-do list for the year ahead. Brexit featured front...

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2017-06-20 Middle East

The Scramble for Syria: What happens after Raqqa falls?

There's the battle for Raqqa but what about the battle for Syria? The shooting down of a Syrian jet by the US military, plus an Iran-made drone in the southeast late this...

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2017-06-19 Emmanuel Macron

The Macron Way: Big win, but will new president reform France? (part 1)

How did Emmanuel Macron upend and redraw France's political landscape? It's out with the old guard on both sides of the aisle, with the average age of MPs dropping more than five...

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