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Paris: A nightlife in limbo?

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Video: 40 years on, Franco's ghost still haunts Spain

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#TECH 24

'Life as a cyborg' with Angel Giuffria

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Video: Can love finally beat the caste system in Senegal?

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Saimir Pirgu, a leading tenor mentored by Pavarotti and Domingo

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#THE 51%

Feminist icons and young female Democrats clash over Hillary Clinton

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The Perche region: The art of peasantry

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Forbidden love in Senegal: Khady and Massamba's caste struggle

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The 'Académie française': Guard dog of the French language

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A debate on the latest developments in French politics with two Paris-based journalists. Every Tuesday at 4.45 pm Paris time.



Latest update : 2012-09-06

President Hollande: is he too soft?

François Hollande knew it would be hard. But the new Socialist president probably did not imagine it would be this hard when he was elected back in May. And yet, the bad news keeps piling up, with unemployment hitting the 3-million mark and Hollande's polling numbers down. The French are growing impatient with the new administration and wonder whether Hollande is up to the job. Is he too soft or can he rise to the challenge?

On the set:

  • Philip Turle, Journalist, RFI
  • Grégory Viscusi, Reporter, Bloomberg News




2016-02-09 François Hollande

Hollande plays last cards before 2017 presidential race

It’s a crucial week for the French president. With parliament voting on a highly symbolic and controversial constitutional reform and a cabinet reshuffle in the works, one could...

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2016-02-02 France

2017 presidential election: Is the left really behind Hollande?

It is probably the worst-kept secret in France: President François Hollande wants to run for re-election next year as an incumbent. But more and more figures on the left are...

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2016-01-26 Nicolas Sarkozy

Sarkozy's 'mea culpa': A gambit for the 2017 election?

Three and a half years after his defeat in the 2012 presidential elections and with little more than a year to go before the next elections, French opposition leader and former...

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2016-01-19 unemployment

Unemployment in France: An economic and social state of emergency?

An economic and social state of emergency: that's how President François Hollande described the situation in France this week, as he unveiled new measures to tackle the problem...

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2016-01-12 French politics

One year after the Paris attacks, how has Hollande changed?

After a week of commemorations for the victims of the January Paris attacks, how has the tragedy changed President François Hollande? And how it has reshaped the political...

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