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Latest update : 2012-10-04

Two fugitives wanted in connection with the vicious murder of two men in Grenoble last week were detained by French police on Thursday. The suspects handed themselves in after authorities launched a nationwide manhunt.

French police on Thursday detained two fugitives wanted in connection with the brutal killing of two 21-year-olds in a Grenoble suburb by a mob armed with hammers, baseball bats and knives.

Police had launched a nationwide manhunt to track down the two suspects, amid fears they could try to flee the country.
The two suspects separately gave themselves up to police in the southeastern city of Grenoble, where Kevin Noubissi and Sofiane Tadburt died last Friday after being stabbed and beaten.
The pair of wanted youths, aged 18 and 20, were "known for their extreme violence", said French prosecutor Jean-Yves Coquillat.
It has emerged that the 18-year-old had just been released from prison after serving a sentence for stabbing a supermarket security guard while the other suspected attacker was being investigated over an alleged knife attack at a cashpoint.
Eight people have so far been charged with murder as a result of the attack but prosecutors believe as many as 15 may have been involved.
Noubissi, a student, was stabbed seven to eight times, and Tadburt, a tutor, 30 times in the double murder, news of which was received with shock throughout France and intensified concern over juvenile delinquency in urban areas where rampant unemployment and criminality are common.
The gang was reportedly seeking vengeance after an incident outside a high school involving Noubissi's younger brother "looking the wrong way" at another teenager.
On Tuesday evening approximately 10,000 residents of Échirolles, the Grenoble suburb where the killings took place, took to the streets in a silent protest to express their horror at the brutal events.
Funerals for the two friends took place the following day at a local mosque, with hundreds of mourners attending.
Neither of the victims had any police record. Friends and family said that they both had promising futures.
(FRANCE 24 with wires)


Date created : 2012-10-04


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