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Video: Alongside migrants near Hungary’s razor wire fence

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The Elysée palace backstage

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#TECH 24

The latest in fitness trackers and TaxiJet’s arrival in Abidjan

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The use of 'mapping-tracking' in fashion

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#THE 51%

Sex and politics: How gender is becoming a hot button issue in the US presidential election

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Berry, the countryside that inspired George Sand

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Drone photography: A sky full of cameras

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Fascists, patriots, ultra-nationalists, revolutionaries: The many faces of Ukraine's 'Right Sector'

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Aylan Kurdi: A tragic symbol of the migrant crisis

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Latest update : 2012-10-08

French media nostalgic for 'Sarko'

He's on the front page of magazines almost every week; cartoonists say his leaving office was a "catastrophe" for them. The French media definitely miss Nicolas Sarkozy! They perhaps miss him than the public does, if we're to believe a recent poll saying that 55% of the French don't want "Sarko" back.



2015-09-03 Syria

Photo of Syrian boy continues to cause furor

We now know more about the Syrian child whose photo has gone viral and touched millions of hearts around the world. Artists have made their own renditions of the photo, and...

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2015-09-02 Turkey

Photo of drowned Syrian child sparks outrage

A photo of the body of a young Syrian child washed up on the shores of Bodrum in Turkey has the internet in a furor. The image is yet another reminder of the human toll of the...

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2015-09-01 Iceland

Icelandic Facebook users offer to host Syrian refugees

The migrant crisis continues to make headlines here in Europe. In Iceland, Facebook users are offering their homes to Syrian refugees, in protest at the government's policy to...

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2015-08-28 migrants

'We need an American in every train compartment'

We look at how cartoons have been covering the migrant crisis. And, at a We look at how cartoonists have covered the migrant crisis as well as a New York Times explainer on the...

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2015-08-27 Nicolas Sarkozy

From Sarkozy to Kim Kardashian: Staged celebrity photos

In tonight's MediaWatch, we take a look at criticism of the playback function on social media, this in the aftermath of the shooting death of two journalists in Virginia live on...

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