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#TECH 24

'VR' immersive journalism

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Nepal revisited, one year after the deadly earthquake

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France's River Charente, a rich ecosystem

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Libya: Who's running the country?

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Legendary German theatre director Peter Stein tackles Samuel Beckett classic en français

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#THE 51%

Award-winning filmmaker seeks to find out what makes a jihadist

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The vicious cycle of student debt in the US

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Venezuela's boiling point: Power outages spark outrage (part 1)

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Venezuela's boiling point: Push to recall President Maduro (part 2)

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A debate on the latest developments in French politics with two Paris-based journalists. Every Tuesday at 4.45 pm Paris time.



Latest update : 2012-11-09

Competitiveness measures: did the Socialists blink?

Competitiveness... the word was barely uttered by François Hollande during the presidential campaign. But now, barely a day passes without it. The government has announced a new raft of measures aimed at boosting French competitiveness. In doing so, the Socialists are reneging on some of their core commitments at a time when the popularity of the executive is plunging.

On the set:

  • Philip Turle, Journalist, RFI;
  • John G. Keating, Chief Correspondent, Kuwait News National Agency.




2016-04-26 Socialist Party (France)

France's Socialist Party: All behind the president?

With exactly a year to go before the next presidential elections in France, the ruling Socialists are struggling in the polls and only 14% of French voters want President...

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2016-04-19 French elections

François Hollande: A lame-duck president?

The French presidential election is now exactly one year away. The sitting president, François Hollande, will not announce until the end of the year whether he intends to run for...

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2016-04-12 Emmanuel Macron

Is French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron eyeing the top job?

French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron is not only the most popular politician on the left, but he is also respected by many on the right. Buoyed by popular results in the...

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2016-04-05 National Front party (France)

Panama Papers: Is France's National Front in trouble?

The revelations about the use of tax havens, also known as the Panama Papers, have ensnared the French far-right party, the National Front. Close associates of party leader...

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2016-03-29 terrorism

Brussels attacks: Are French 'ghettos' also turning into jihadist hotspots?

Molenbeek has become a household name over the past few months, especially since the terrorist attacks in Paris and most recently in Brussels. This neighbourhood of the Belgian...

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