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A show produced with photos, videos and personal accounts from our Observers around the world - all checked by our staff here in Paris. Saturday at 10.15 am Paris time.

Latest update : 2012-11-21

Anti-sexual harassment patrols in Cairo, Shiite protests in Qatif, and more

This show is made up entirely of amateur images. We've seen time and time again how images captured by ordinary citizens then uploaded onto the Web can change history, or at least shift the balance of power. This week, we take a look back at some of those moments.

Story 1: Egypt

We begin today with sexual harassment in Egypt. Egyptian women say it happens all the time - obscene comments in the street, groping on the bus, etc. In a survey in 2010, 80 percent of Egyptian women said they'd faced such harassment. The revolution and the instability since then have so far made things worse for women, not better, our Observers tell us.

We head to Cairo with Abd al-Fattah Mahmoud, an Egyptian man who says enough is enough.

Story 2: Saudi Arabia

Now to Saudi Arabia, a country that has not been touched by the Arab Spring revolutions. There has been unrest, though. Shiites in the east have held demonstrations demanding better treatment from the country's Sunni majority. At least 14 of the protesters have been killed in clashes with police - the police say the protesters attacked them, and the protesters deny it. On November 8th, the protesters held another march, marking the anniversary of the first death, a year ago. Our Observer Mohammad Alsaeedi tells us more.


Story 3: World

First off, Tripoli, Libya, and some photos one of our Observers managed to take on his mobile phone. They show fighting between rival militias, in the heart of the capital. One militia apparently blamed the other for the death of one of their men.

A unit from the country's new national army eventually showed up. They sided with one of the militias, and arrested members of the other for suspected murder. Our Observer says it's a reminder that Libya's government still has a long way to go in disbanding the militias that got rid of Muammer Gaddafi.

More images now, this time from a port city in northern Egypt. They show a coast guard officer setting his dog on a group of anti-corruption protesters. The unmuzzled dog caused a panic, and at least one person was injured.

The video caused an uproar on social networks - and now the military has said it will discipline the officer.

We finish today with a Frenchman behaving badly. It happened in Singapore. The man was filmed yelling obscenities at a group of workers for disturbing his family's Sunday morning. He uses a very English obscenity and calls them "Chinese f-ing animals." Unfortunately for him, the video went viral, and his bosses saw it - and promptly sacked him.



2017-01-14 Burma

Burmese policemen abuse Rohingya in a video, and a Malian is deported from France in handcuffs

A video emerged of Rohingya attacked by Burmese policemen, a Malian was handcuffed on a plane and deported from France, and a controversial new song hit the airwaves in Saudi...

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2016-12-31 Afghanistan

The Best Of 2016 at The Observers

For our last show of 2016, we look back at our favourite Observers from the year. A weekly news show produced with photos, videos and personal accounts from France 24 Observers...

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2016-12-27 Burkina Faso

Round-up of migrants in Algeria, and militias in Burkina Faso replace police in crackdown on crime

Random, mass arrests of migrants have been taking place in Algeria; militias in Burkina Faso are replacing the role of police and imposing their own form of justice; and male...

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2016-12-10 Botswana

Painting eyes on cows' behinds and the group of young women fighting harassment in Mexico

A biologist has a funny idea for stopping lions from attacking herds of cows in Botswana, a group of young women walk through the streets of Mexico City armed with a GoPro to...

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2016-11-26 Greece

A racist attack in South Africa is exploited by political parties, and migrants describe the appalling conditions of camps in Greece

A weekly news show produced with photos, videos and personal accounts from France 24 Observers around the world - all checked by our staff here in Paris.

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