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Latest update : 2012-11-28

Web users support jailed hacker Jeremy Hammond

Web users are campaigning for hacker Jeremy Hammond currently in prison in the US. American film maker Michael Moore has penned an open letter to Barack Obama. And a photo of Mitt Romney filling up his car goes viral.

Web users support jailed hacker Jeremy Hammond

Arrested by the American authorities back in March for hacking private intelligence firm Stratfor and turning over thousands of their confidential documents to Wikileaks, Jeremy Hammond, a member of anonymous hacker group Lulzsec, has been held without bail since and will remain in prison until his trial which might not take place until September 2013. A federal judge announced the decision on Tuesday, saying the computer hacker posed a real threat to society: comments that have been met with widespread outrage on the web.

Many simply don’t understand the ruling. Sue Crabtree for example, one of Hammond’s most ardent defenders on the web, has voiced her anger on this Facebook page set up in support of the jailed hacker. In this message posted on Wednesday, she takes the judges reasons for keeping Hammond in prison, and picks the arguments apart one by one, adding that contrary to the magistrate’s claims, computer hackers are not more of a danger to the community than online sexual predators.

Countless social networkers have been sharing similar view points. Messages in support of Jeremy Hammond and calls for his immediate release have been flooding on to Twitter. Web users are also expressing their indignation over the sentence the computer hacker could be facing: over 39 years in prison.

Members of hacker group Anonymous have also actively taken up the cause. They have been sharing and relaying videos like this one online over the past few months, urging the US authorities to stop legal proceedings against Jeremy Hammond.


Michael Moore: an open letter to President Obama

American activist and film maker Michael Moore has penned an open letter to US president Barack Obama which he posted to his blog on Monday. He begins by congratulating the current occupant of the White House for his re-election to a second term in office and goes on to remind him that a great many voters are now expecting him to roll up his sleeves and start implementing bold reforms.

Michael Moore has drawn up a list of the main issues he thinks Obama should be dealing with over the next four years. The first: end the tax cuts for the rich. The film maker thinks the current tax plan is a great injustice and should be fixed as soon as possible if the US wants to avoid a growing divide between the wealthy and poorer sections of society.


He also suggests the president puts an immediate stop to all military interventions abroad. Moore asks Obama to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan at the earliest possible opportunity and urges the head of state to stop US drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and also Somalia. Often secret operations that the film maker feels portray the US in a very poor light abroad.

Michael Moore also asks Obama to free Bradley Manning, the young soldier accused of leaking thousands of confidential documents concerning the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The activist thinks in exposing this sensitive information, the soldier was simply doing his duty and even accuses former president Bush and his vice-president Dick Cheney of being the real bad guys, by involving the country in illegitimate wars.

Moore concludes his letter by reminding Obama that he has a strong supporter base behind him. And he only has to ask and his supporters will be there to help him change people’s mindsets and reform the country.

USA: congresswoman asks web users for feedback on legislation

Democrat Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, is currently writing legislation on online piracy. A law that aims to protect websites accused of copyright infringement. And the representative for California is asking experts from community site Reddit for their feedback so that before submitting her proposal to parliament, she is certain is does not threaten online freedoms.

Now trending on social networks

Mitt Romney filling up his car in a small service station in California. This photo was posted online on Tuesday and soon went viral, with Mitt Romney having kept a very low profile since his defeat to Barack Obama. Some web users have expressed their sympathy for the former candidate who in a very short time has gone from presidential material to ordinary citizen.


Video of the day

In this video we see a group of residents at a retirement home in Ontario, Canada perform a lip dub to one of the biggest hits of the year “Call me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen and it has become the latest viral sensation on sharing sites, proving that staying young, well it’s a state of mind.

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