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Aux Champs-Elysées: The story behind France's most famous avenue

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#TECH 24

Foosball gets its own social network

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Inlays and veneers: The art of French cabinetmaking

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How should companies respond to a Trump Twitter attack?

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#THE 51%

Trump abortion funding ban: Europe tries to fill the breach

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Video: India’s Kuki people, possible descendants of one of Israel's lost tribes

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France: Migrants offered financial incentives to return home

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Annette Bening on Hollywood, Donald Trump and new film '20th Century Women'

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Hong Kong divided over its future, 20 years after UK handover

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Latest update : 2012-11-26

Covering an 'unbalanced war' in a balanced way

It's a headache for the media to cover any war in a balanced way, but particularly so for an "unbalanced" or "disproportionate" one. Is this statement true? Are these terms misnomers? We take a look at some analysis of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Also, the UMP leadership battle has dominated French news this week - we take a look. Finally, a Japanese red panda gets a fright!




2017-02-23 police

Students blockade Paris schools to protest suspected police rape

Protests in 16 different schools in and around Paris turned violent in places today, this over an alleged rape by a French police officer of a 22-year-old man named Théo. The...

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2017-02-22 Emmanuel Macron

Bayrou decides to march with Macron

The veteran and maverick have joined forces. François Bayrou, who has been a presidential candidate in every election for the past 15 years, has decided to throw his weight...

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2017-02-21 Emmanuel Macron

France's Macron takes presidential campaign to London

We take a look at coverage of the French presidential campaign going overseas, with centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron campaigning in London while far-right hopeful Marine Le Pen...

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2017-02-20 Sweden

'Last Night in Sweden'? Trump's comment causes confusion

Donald Trump suggested an incident had taken place the previous evening in Sweden, this during a speech where he mentioned several examples of rising crime rates in European...

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2017-02-17 Donald Trump

Are some of the right-wing media becoming hostile to Trump?

MediaWatch is still looking at reactions to and fallout from Donald Trump's press conference on Thursday. The US president has been putting a positive spin on things. But it...

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