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Somalia: car bomb outside presidential palace kills at least 10

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Socialists complain of Macron's 'betrayal' of Hollande

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France Ambassadors Conference: Hollande outlines foreign policy priorities (part 1)

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Video: Meeting US inmates as Obama pushes for criminal justice reform

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From the archives: Caught in the crossfire in Colombia

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Video: Harlan Coben on suspense, suburbia and success

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Democratic Republic of Congo: Inside Camp Garlic, a stronghold of ADF militia

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Rousseff defends her track record

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We explore the digital revolution and check out the latest technological trends. Every Saturday at 2.15 pm Paris time. And you can watch it online as early as Friday. We'll be back in September with a new series.

#TECH 24

#TECH 24

Latest update : 2012-12-03

Smart Cities: What will our cities be like in the future?

This week's show looks at initiatives that are transforming the places we live into cities of the future. Among the bright ideas: a road that glows in the dark - a project signed "Daan Roosegaarde" design. And in Test 24, we introduce you to ELIKIA: the first smartphone made in the Republic of Congo. We compare it to some of the market heavyweights.

BONUS: click here to watch an exclusive interview with MIT researcher Praveen Subramani about the future of the city.

By Anelise Borges



2016-07-22 technology

Digital beauty

In this edition, we tell you about the different ways in which the cosmetics industry is embracing technology as it attempts to attract a new wave of digital natives. From...

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2016-07-08 technology

'Smart pets'

We talk biomimicry on Tech 24 this week. Since the beginning of time, man has looked to nature to find solutions to human challenges because after millions of years of tinkering,...

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2016-07-01 technology

Viva Technology!

This week we take you to Viva Technology, a tech event aimed at bringing together the world's major players in digital transformation. Its organisers say the goal is to help...

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2016-06-24 technology

The 'fintech' revolution

As the Moneyconf 2016 comes to an end, we look closely at how financial technology, or so-called "fintech", is disrupting the banking sector. Plus, we test Withings' new scale:...

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2016-06-17 technology

Creating a metaverse

How far are we from creating a metaverse, that is, a collective virtual shared space in which we would all interact as avatars? The term was coined in Neal Stephenson's 1992...

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