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Latest update : 2012-12-03

Egypt’s draft constitution sparks outrage

Egypt’s draft constitution met with widespread outrage. Thousands of web users join an American teen in her search for a missing hat. And Barack Obama’s dog oversees the White House’s Christmas decorations.

Egypt’s draft constitution sparks outrage

Egypt’s new draft constitution, approved by the country’s Islamist-dominated constituent assembly will be put to a referendum on December 15th. The document has been highly criticized by opposition activists who have taken to Tahrir Square and the web in recent days to protest against both the President Mohammed Morsi and this draft constitution.

Countless social networkers are condemning the fact that the principles of Islamic sharia will be retained as the main source of legislation in the new constitution. This Christian blogger for example fears it will infringe on freedom of religion in Egypt.

Others have been expressing concerns over discrimination against women. Heba Morayef from the NGO Human Rights Watch says the document, written by a male assembly, no longer includes any explicit guarantee of women’s rights.

Activists say the draft constitution leaves the door wide open for military tribunals for civilians. At least 12 000 people have reportedly been tried before an Egyptian military court since the fall of the former regime: a practice that has been widely denounced across the country.

And with less than two weeks to go before the referendum, opponents of the new constitution are wondering about the best strategy to adopt. Some say they will vote against it, whilst others have already confirmed they will be boycotting the vote. A split this blogger thinks could well end up working in favour of Egypt’s Islamist leaders.

USA: teenager’s search for lost hat goes viral

Last week American teenager Bridget Hughes from the state of New Mexico launched an online appeal, asking web users to help her find her hat which she lost at Phoenix International airport. The brown knitted hat may seem pretty standard, nothing unusual, but it holds inestimable sentimental value for Bridget because it belonged to her mother who died when she was just seven years old. Determined to get the precious item back, Bridget decided to share the story on her Facebook page, in the hope social networkers would come good and help her track it down.

Her poignant post touched the hearts of many, and Bridget Hughes’ appeal soon went viral. In just one week, her message was shared over 200,000 times on Facebook and thousands of users have posted messages of support, saying they will do what they can to help her find the hat she holds so dear.

Hundreds of web users have contacted the Phoenix airport authorities asking them to do everything in their power to find the missing hat. They have been so insistent in fact that the airport ended up posting a statement to Facebook to reassure Bridget’s new friends that the search would continue for as long as necessary.

Although the famous hat has yet to turn up, Bridget has been hugely touched by the massive wave of solidarity and significant mobilization. She has since posted a second message on Facebook thanking everyone for their support. She also asked web users to stop hounding the Phoenix airport authorities who she says are doing their upmost to find her treasured hat.


Reporters without Borders launches new anti-censorship website

“Reporters without Borders” has launched the “We Fight Censorship” site for posting or reposting content from all over the world that has been censored, banned or resulted in reprisals for creators. Web users can both submit content and circulate posts so they remain accessible in the event of cyber-attacks or further censorship. The NGO has also uploaded a “digital survival kit” providing advice and tools on encryption software and other online anonymization techniques so they can safely bypass online censorship and protect their sources.

4Chan users want Kim Jong Un to be Time’s Person of the Year

Users of the Internet forum 4Chan want North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un to be elected Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” , the person who has influenced the news this year for better or for worse, and are asking web users to visit the Time Magazine website before the 14th December to vote en masse for Kim Jong-Il’s successor and influence the magazine’s decision A surprising initiative to say the least, but it is already proving pretty popular, because Kim Jong-Un is currently in first place, far ahead of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.


Video of the day

Christmas is fast approaching, and as is the case every year, the US President’s residence will be festively decorated. As we can see in this video, recently posted online, this year, Obama’s dog Bo was in charge of inspecting the White House to ensure everything was in perfect order. You can check out this cute little clip in its entirety on the White House website.

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