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Jean-Marc Loubier, bags and shoes.

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Hip-hop musician Beat Assailant on mixing the sounds of the city

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#THE 51%

Breaking stereotypes

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In Prijedor, survivors fight to keep memory alive

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Bosnia: Hopes of change among disempowered citizens

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¡Gracias, Gabo!

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The Socialist rebellion grows

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Algerian election: Bouteflika votes in wheelchair

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Indian election: Votes for sale

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We explore the digital revolution and check out the latest technological trends. Every Saturday at 2.45 pm Paris time.

#TECH 24

#TECH 24

Latest update : 2012-12-04

Kindle Fire HD hits the shelves

We take you to the multi-billion dollar world of video games and check out two of the latest releases. Plus, we try out the new Kindle Fire HD - the second generation of Amazon's mini-tablet computers. It's got a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and a high definition LCD display... all that for half the price of its main competitors.

By Anelise Borges




2014-04-11 vote rigging

India votes 2.0

In this week's edition, we look at how social media is changing the rules of the game in the world's largest democracy. Plus, all we need to know about the Internet's biggest...

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2014-04-04 technology

Not Impossible Labs: Technology for the sake of humanity

Nothing seems impossible to Mick Ebeling, the man behind the 'Eyewriter' and many other incredible projects at "Not Impossible Labs". On this week's #TECH24, he tells us why -and...

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2014-03-28 technology

Facebook eyes the future... for $2bn

Facebook's view of the future: the acquisition of Oculus VR by the social media giant gives a glimpse of the world of tomorrow. Also on this edition of #TECH24: a smarter version...

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2014-03-22 technology

Made for play: Logitech's UE boom put to the test

In this #TECH24 edition we bring you the unexpected success story of Pakistan's video-game industry. Plus a test of Logitech's wireless set of speakers for demanding ears: the UE...

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2014-03-14 technology

Hackers and Whistleblowers: Bad boys or heroes?

In this week's edition of #TECH24 we talk to Gregg Housh, former founding member of Anonymous, about online activism: are Hackers and Whistleblowers becoming the new heroes of...

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