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The battle against illegal fishing in West Africa

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Trump has already quit the Paris climate deal - just not publicly

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#TECH 24

The Ice Memory Project: A treasure trove for future scientists

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Cannes 2017: Stars dig deep at AIDS gala dinner

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French fashion designer Jacquemus declares his love for Marseille

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A piece of work: New French government braces for labour law reform

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#THE 51%

Ridding workplaces of sexism: What companies can do to banish outdated attitudes

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Exclusive: Inside the battle for Mosul, chaos on the ground

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The Marais district, the beating heart of Paris

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An overview of the stories making the French and international newspaper headlines. From Monday to Friday live at 7.20 am and 9.20 am Paris time.

Latest update : 2012-12-11

Libération: Gérard Depardieu is 'pathetic'

Gérard Depardieu's decision to seek tax residency in Belgium is the top story. One paper says he's "pathetic", another looks at his business empire. The problem for France's wealthiest is that a 75 per cent tax band for earnings over one million euros comes into force on 1st January. It'll be in place for two years. Also dominant: DSK. He's settled out of court for millions with Nafissatou Diallo. That's the focus this Tuesday 11th December, 2012.

Libération: 'Pathétique'

Le Figaro: 'Vignes, poissonerie et tableaux...' ('Vineyards, a fishmonger's and art...')

Le Parisien-Aujourd'hui-en-France: 'Depardieu déjà adopté' ('Depardieu already adopted')

Le Parisien-Aujourd'hui-en-France: 'Le prix du silence' ('The price of silence')




2017-05-26 G7

Uncertainty hangs over G7 summit as Trump wraps up foreign trip

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Fri. 26.05.17: As the G7 summit gets underway in Italy, US President Donald Trump brings "uncertainty and risk", The Guardian argues. Leaders are unlikely...

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2017-05-26 France

Trump's handshake battle with Macron goes viral

FRENCH PAPERS - Fri. 26.05.17: There's "a holiday feeling" in France, as temperatures rise across the country, Le Courrier Picard reports. Thousands headed to beaches on Baie de...

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2017-05-25 NATO

Donald Trump meets Emmanuel Macron: Can they get on?

FRENCH PAPERS - Thurs. 25.05.17: British police believe the Manchester bomber was just a "mule" who was part of a larger network. Libération asks whether this network could...

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2017-05-25 Manchester arena attack

Manchester bomber 'fits profile of other terrorists'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Thurs. 25.05.17: British papers take a closer look at the Manchester attacker's background. Like previous terrorists, he was involved in gangs as a...

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2017-05-24 Manchester arena attack

Manchester 'united' in its defiance against terrorism

IN THE INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Wednesday, May 24: Defiance is the tone seen widely in the British press after the Manchester attack that killed 22 people and injured dozens more...

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