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President Mauricio Macri’s clean break with Argentina’s ‘Kirchnerite’ past

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Ukraine: Searching for Donetsk’s missing people

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#THE 51%

Petition in France to include women writers in final year school curriculum

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G7 leaders say Brexit could pose ‘serious risk’ to global growth

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Salon's message to Republicans: 'You are stuck with him now!'

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'Time Out': Le Parisien calls for calm amid social unrest

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Black man ‘whitened’ in Chinese washing detergent ad

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Opposition protests in DR Congo: At least one person killed in Goma clashes

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Obama in Japan: Competing world visions at G7 summit (part 2)

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Latest update : 2012-12-21

The art of the Apocalypse

Today’s show is dedicated to the end of the world - and how artists, writers, filmmakers and musicians have riffed on the subject over the years. What would you do if the world was about to end? Get drunk? See family and friends? Maybe have sex? It’s the subject of a million pub conversations.

We discuss the new film by New Yorker Abel Ferrara. Eve Jackson asks the surprisingly chipper director why he put an upbeat spin on Armageddon.

We also examine literary imaginings of world annihilation with our book critic Sylvia Whitman.

Finally, we find out how Mexican artists are using manhole covers and paper figurines to represent their spin on the gloomy subject.

By Catherine Nicholson



2016-05-26 culture

Paris photography festival shines a spotlight on young, emerging talents

We check out Paris’ Circulations Festival - now in its sixth year - which shines the spotlight on some of Europe’s most talented, up and coming photographers. We also meet an...

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2016-05-25 culture

Film show: Cannes re-cap, 'Elle', 'Mr Gaga' and 'Julieta'

We reflect on this year's Cannes Film Festival, as film critic Lisa Nesselson explains why there's no sense betting on the Palme d'Or. Paul Verhoeven's disquieting thriller...

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2016-05-24 culture

Music show: Judith Owen, Eric Clapton and Ariana Grande

Judith Owen joins us in the studio to explain how a poignant meeting with a stranger inspired her new album "Somebody’s Child" which sees the singer-songwriter blending jazz,...

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2016-05-22 Cannes Daily Show 2016

Video: Ken Loach wins his second Palme d'Or in Cannes

Veteran British director Ken Loach has won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival with "I, Daniel Blake" whilst Canadian whiz kid Xavier Dolan took second with his...

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2016-05-21 Cannes Daily Show 2016

Paul Verhoeven joins the Cannes competition with his first film in French

Paul Verhoeven made his name with films like "Robocop", "Total Recall" and "Basic Instinct" – the film that made Sharon Stone an international star at the Cannes film festival in...

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