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Dual therapy drug trial offers hope to HIV patients

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'From Jupiter to Colbert': France's nationalisation of shipyard draws criticism

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Nigerian lawmakers seek to reduce president's powers

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Trump's transgender backlash

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The Battle for Venezuela: Pressure mounting on Maduro ahead of Sunday's vote

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Actress Helen Mirren on TV honours and tackling sexism

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Teething problems for French President Macron's party

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Libya's Haftar vows to deal with terrorists 'through weapons'

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USA: Fierce battle over Kentucky's only abortion clinic

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How do artists and writers see the world? We take you to the crossroads where culture meets the news and engages with what's happening in our lives today. From Monday to Friday at 12.15 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2012-12-21

The art of the Apocalypse

Today’s show is dedicated to the end of the world - and how artists, writers, filmmakers and musicians have riffed on the subject over the years. What would you do if the world was about to end? Get drunk? See family and friends? Maybe have sex? It’s the subject of a million pub conversations.

We discuss the new film by New Yorker Abel Ferrara. Eve Jackson asks the surprisingly chipper director why he put an upbeat spin on Armageddon.

We also examine literary imaginings of world annihilation with our book critic Sylvia Whitman.

Finally, we find out how Mexican artists are using manhole covers and paper figurines to represent their spin on the gloomy subject.

By Catherine Nicholson



2017-07-27 culture

Actress Helen Mirren on TV honours and tackling sexism

She's one of a very select club to have won the triple crown of acting. Dame Helen Mirren has an Oscar, a Tony award and four Emmys, TV's top honour. FRANCE 24's Genie Godula sat...

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2017-07-26 culture

Film show: 'Valerian', 'A Violent Life' and 'Belle de Jour'

France 24 film critic Lisa Nesselson and Richelle Harrison Plesse cast an eye over the week's movie releases - from Luc Besson's budget-busting sci-fi extravaganza "Valerian and...

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2017-07-25 culture

Rock icons Midnight Oil on politics, passion and their long-awaited comeback

In a French TV exclusive, Richelle Harrison Plesse sat down with Australian rock legends Midnight Oil, who’ve returned to the spotlight after a 15-year hiatus. The band - famous...

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2017-07-24 culture

Music show: Blues legend Lucky Peterson & Lollapalooza Paris

Richelle Harrison Plesse chats to contemporary blues icon Lucky Peterson, who fuses the blues with soul, RnB, gospel and rock 'n roll. Hailed as a "dangerous triple threat" for...

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2017-07-21 culture

Omar El Akkad's 'American War': A tale of US dystopia

What might happen if America were to turn its most devastating policies and deadly weapons on itself? That's the question posed by Egyptian-born Canadian journalist and author...

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