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Fashion, what's happened in 2014

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France: 2014 in review

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#THE 51%

South Africa: Taking a stand against child marriage

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The Future of the Book

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The Future of the Book (part 2)

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France 24’s best documentaries of 2014

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'We have to build a new Tunisia', says the president of the Tunisian Parliament

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France on alert after attacks: a case of collective hysteria?

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'Beijing needs to revaluate its policy in the Tibetan areas', says FM of the Tibetan government-in-exile

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Latest update : 2013-01-03

Bahrain: police "slap" video goes viral

Activists in Bahrain condemn police brutality. Outrage in Canada after Luka Magnotta is named “Newsmaker of the Year”. And the most pirated television shows of 2012.

Bahrain: police "slap" video goes viral

On the whole, videos purporting to show police brutality in Bahrain do the rounds online but generate little reaction. But this footage filmed in the central town of A’ali on December 23 has sparked outrage across the kingdom. We see a police officer stopping a man for an identity check; the man is not in possession of his ID. The furious police officer starts shouting and insulting the man, who is holding an infant, and then slaps him twice.

Reactions to the video which is now known as the "slap video" have gone beyond Bahrain and to neighbouring countries … Journalists, scholars and activists have been sharing the clip on social networks, denouncing the officer’s abuse of power. Some describing his acts as inhumane…

But the police services are angered by the outcry caused by the incident. Bahrain’s head of public security has said it is a further attempt at demeaning his staff. He claims organizations are trying to stir up hatred towards police officers, trying to ambush them with well thought out scenarios they film to use in anti-regime propaganda.

But according to activists in Bahrain, this is not the first time the police officer in question has behaved in such a way. And so the Ministry of Interior has publicly condemned his acts on Twitter, saying he has been arrested and promising to bring him before a military tribunal. A source close to the family refuses to believe this however, claiming there has been no evidence of the arrest. He also adds that, in his opinion, these official statements were made simply to calm public opinion.

Luka Magnotta’s "Newsmaker of the Year" title triggers outrage

Canada’s national news agency, the Canadian Press has named Luka Rocco Magnotta “Newsmaker of the Year 2012” … a controversial choice that has become something of a huge news story, even though he was the first choice for 22% of editors and news directors invited to cast their ballot. Magnotta killed a man, cut him up and then posted a grisly video to YouTube.

Web users have taken to social networks and media outlets to express their outrage over the decision, some saying that this was exactly the kind of fame Magnotta lusted after… some of Canada’s well known faces have publicly asked the press to retract the selection out of respect for the people of Canada… a famous comedian has stated it’s time to put an end to this fascination with crazed killers. A petition has also been launched online, seeking 10 000 signatures demanding a new election.

And on Twitter members of the public have been joined by political circles in criticizing the choice… Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae says the Canadian Press has reached “a new low”, describing the selection as disgusting and accusing the agency of resorting to cheap sensationalism.

Conservative MP Jay Aspin, is appealing to the Canadian Press’s "decency and better judgement" asking them to rescind their choice. Heritage Minister James Moore has said “Newsmaker of the year” shouldn’t simply be the person with the most hits on Google news and urges the press agency to rethink their selection criteria

The most illegally downloaded tv shows in 2012

According to a study published on specialist site Torrent Freak, the most pirated television show of 2012 was “Game of Thrones” which airs on the American network HBO, with over 4 million 200 000 illegal downloads. In second place comes Dexter with over 3 Million 800 000 downloads in the past twelve months and taking home bronze, “The Big Bang Theory” which was downloaded illegally over 3 million 200 000 times.


Now trending on social networks

Lady Gaga’s 32 million or so Twitter followers are all excited, following the pop stars Christmas Day announcement she was working on a film about her life that will also document the making of her upcoming album and explore her staggering global popularity. Lady Gaga’s “little monsters” as she affectionately calls her fans, are eagerly awaiting the feature length film which is to be shot by photographer Terry Richardson.

Video of the day

At the beginning of the week a giant aquarium in a Shanghai shopping centre, in China, suddenly burst for no apparent reason, causing huge material damage and injuring fifteen or so people : the shocking incident was caught on CCTV and the video has since gone viral…

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2014-12-24 Gaza Strip

Gaza children draw what their future will look like

In this edition: Gaza’s children draw their hopes for the future; a Chinese HIV positive boy’s story moves local net users; and Dude Perfect members show off their pool skills.

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2014-12-23 New York

Critics slam NYC mayor in wake of police murders

In this edition : New York Mayor harshly criticised after two police officers murdered; men riding Big Apple subway urged to close their legs; and US site JibJab offers a musical...

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2014-12-22 Internet

Web users criticize Sony for pulling "The Interview"

In this edition : Sony and the North American leader, Kim Jong-Un bear the brunt of net users’ criticism; the Glo Up challenge goes viral; and an American man floats into the air...

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2014-12-19 Cuba

Web users react to Cuba and the US normalizing relations

In this edition: web users react to the U.S. and Cuba normalizing relations; Turkish football fans on trial for terrorism; and a Californian man creates a Christmas sound and...

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2014-12-20 Internet

Connected toys are a must-have for Christmas

“Xeno” is a pet monster. It has lots of little sensors so it moves around when children touch him. He is one of the latest Christmas must haves in the world of new technology.

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