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The French are so rude! Or are they?

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Video: After key battle, Syrian town of Kobane looks to the future

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The writing's on the wall: Revolutionary posters from May 68

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'We heard there might be a civil war': May 68 seen from abroad

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#THE 51%

U.S. mid-terms: Record number of women running and winning primaries

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Divided Ireland votes in abortion referendum

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GDPR: What it means for you and EU businesses

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Anti_Fashion is fashionable!

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'No woman has ever decided on a whim to get an abortion'

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An in-depth look at the political and social events shaping France. Every Friday at 5.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2013-01-23

War in Mali: French expats stay put

We begin by looking at why most French nationals living in Mali are staying put, despite the fighting. Next, France and Germany celebrate 50 years of reconciliation. François Hollande and Angela Merkel hold talks and take part in events designed to show off the strength of the partnership. Finally, we take a look at some of the hottest looks at Paris Fashion week.



2018-05-18 France

French and noble in 2018: What remains of France's aristocracy?

This week we're at the Château de Courson, a stunning 17th-century property. It's the perfect backdrop for this week's show because we're talking about the French nobility. It's...

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2018-05-11 France

May 68: When France took a stand

This week marks the fiftieth anniversary of May 68 in France. It started as a student movement, but quickly turned into a full-blown political and generational clash. This period...

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2018-05-04 Emmanuel Macron

Macron, one year on: What's changed in France?

This week we're at the Louvre in Paris, where just one year ago, Emmanuel Macron celebrated his victory in the French presidential election. He not only became the country's...

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2018-04-20 France

Cashing in on local French currencies

Alongside the euro, dozens of local currencies are in circulation across France. They surged in 2010 following the global financial crisis and can only be used in a limited area...

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2018-04-13 television

French TV series enter new era

This week we're on set in the fictional crisis room of French TV thriller "The Bureau". With its spy intrigue, real-world storylines and film-star lead actor Mathieu Kassovitz,...

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