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Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro accusé de tuer les étudiants

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Rwandan president claims 'no problem with France'

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Paul Kagame visits UNESCO HQ in Paris

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Flamboyant US Congressman's Instagram Lands Him in Bother

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Compromise buys Greece time and Jihadi John is unmasked (part 2)

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Compromise buys Greece time and Jihadi John is unmasked (part 1)

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#TECH 24

Drone vs. drone

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The future of agriculture

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Yalta, the symbol of a new Cold War?

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Latest update : 2013-03-11

Conclave: Cardinal Tagle is the Internet’s pick for pope

Online support for Cardinal Tagle of the Philippines to succeed Pope Benedict XVI. The YouTube channel for children’s TV show Sesame Street tops one billion views. And a British cyclist sharing his journey around the world on Instagram.

Conclave: Cardinal Tagle is the Internet’s pick for pope

Young and progressive, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of the Philippines is seen as an outside papal contender to succeed Benedict XVI. The papal conclave to elect a new pope opens on Tuesday at the Vatican, and if he is chosen the Archbishop of Manila will be the first Asian pope.

His fans are thrilled by the prospect and have been campaigning online for weeks. The site Batangas Varsitarian is urging web users to take to social networks to contact the cardinals tasked with choosing the next pope, and voice their support for Cardinal Tagle.

There’s even a music clip in support of his candidacy. The producers have taken the music from the Village People hit ‘YMCA’ and changed the words to literally sing his praises.

55 years old and a brilliant theologian, he is also a gifted communicator. One of the most active cardinals on social networks, his Facebook page has over 125,000 fans and he also has a rich YouTube channel where he uploads videos of his sermons and reflections.

And although some feel his young age and lack of experience could be a handicap, Luis Antonio Tagle is often praised for addressing the problem of sexual abuse within the church. S.N.A.P. The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, considers him to be one of the most promising candidates.


Sesame Street YouTube channel hits one billion views

The creators of well-known children’s educational TV program Sesame Street have pulled it off; the show’s YouTube channel has topped one billion views. It puts them in pop star territory, it’s a first for a nonprofit organization and of course this historic internet milestone is being widely celebrated online.

Sesame Street has uploaded this video to celebrate the news. It features one of the show’s most popular characters The Count, singing a song in which he thanks web users of all ages for helping the program rack up so many hits on YouTube…

A lot of work went into reaching this symbolic figure, the program creators left nothing to chance. With the show nearing the one billion view mark, a number of videos like these ones were uploaded urging fans to get involved in helping Sesame Street reach the digital milestone.

The show’s overwhelming popularity is down to the quality of the educational videos available on YouTube and also the fact they are designed to appeal to an extremely wide audience. Although a lot of the programs are produced exclusively with children in mind, there are a lot of videos geared towards adults, parodying other TV shows or featuring celebrities like this one with Will.I.Am

As an article on the “mashable” website explains, this online victory illustrates a wider phenomenon: the growing popularity of educational content on YouTube. Caitlin Hendrickson is something of an expert on the matter and says education is one of the fastest growing content categories on the web and at the forefront of this trend is “Sesame Street”.


Pantone food pairings by David Schwen

The Pantone colour matching system used for paint and wall paper where the different shades have been replaced by tasty treats. This project is the work of American graphic designer David Schwen who has paired up food and condiments he thinks go well together and whether its strawberries and chocolate, peas and carrots, or peanut butter and jam, you’ll most definitely find something to your taste in this wonderfully colorful palette of photos available to view online.


Cyclist shares his journey around the world on Instagram

Back in 2011, Rob Lutter embarked on a journey around the world, on his bicycle, during which he has discovered photo sharing application Instagram, and so now the British man is sharing details of his epic journey by regularly posting shots online. So web users can see some of the breathtaking scenery he passes along the way, from the comfort of their own home…


Video of the day

It’s been just over year since these five musicians created a buzz online by performing the Gotye hit "Somebody I used to know" all on the same guitar at the same time. The group “Walk off the earth” is back and this time they are playing on a massive guitar. This time they are revisiting their own material, and you can check out in this freshly posted video.

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