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France's new frontman, America's absent center, May's Brexit gambit, Saudi royal reshuffle, after Mosul & Raqqa fall

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Senegal’s Casamance hopes for new era of peace

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FARC disarmament a 'historic day' for Colombia, says president

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Cruise collections: All aboard for Dior and Chanel's latest fashions

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Colombia comes to France

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#THE 51%

The last taboo: Helping women and girls. Period.

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Who benefits when the ice caps melt?

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Frustration mounts over state of economy in Nigeria

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Will global warming ruin French wine production?

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Latest update : 2013-04-18

Not everyone's a Thatcherite, David Cameron

There's confusion in the US media as reports circulate of an arrest in connection with the Boston bombing. The FBI quickly deny this and tell journalists to verify information before reporting! Margaret Thatcher’s funeral dominates social media in the UK, while the papers battle it out to condemn or congratulate those in charge of organising the former Prime Minister’s funeral. And in New Zealand, MPs pass legislation to allow same-sex marriage, and celebrate with a song.

By Olivia Salazar-Winspear



2017-06-22 eurozone

Brexit opens door for Macron to push for greater European integration

"Leaders are ready to listen to Europhile new president as they seek to shore up stability," says The Financial Times while points out that Brexit is, in some ways,...

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2017-06-21 France

Handling the heatwave

Several news stories look at the difficulties of wearing a uniform to work in the middle of a heatwave. Some unorthodox solutions were found by various employees in France and...

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2017-06-21 refugees

Online reactions to World Refugee Day 2017

The refugee crisis is as bad now as it has ever been, with 65.5 million people being displaced globally over the last year, mostly in conflict-related scenarios. We take a look...

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2017-06-19 Emmanuel Macron

Macron's Majority

MediaWatch takes a look at reactions to Emmanuel Macron’s latest political triumph, securing a parliamentary majority for his party. We also look at reactions to the attack on...

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2017-06-16 London

London tower block tragedy: The political fallout

MediaWatch takes a look at the political fallout from the London tower block tragedy. PM Theresa May’s response has been widely criticised, with some predicting it could lead to...

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