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North-eastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri attacked by child bombers

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Putin's New Front: Airstrikes in Syria catch West off guard [part 1]

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Video: Farmers living in fear in South Africa

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Sharing economy: A new French revolution

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#TECH 24

Taking a closer look at technology in the classroom

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Growing concerns over China's industrial safety shortcomings

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#THE 51%

Does the Middle East need a sexual revolution?

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South Africa: Anti-corruption protesters take to the streets

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Searching for answers to the Holocaust with Martin Amis

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Latest update : 2013-04-18

Not everyone's a Thatcherite, David Cameron

There's confusion in the US media as reports circulate of an arrest in connection with the Boston bombing. The FBI quickly deny this and tell journalists to verify information before reporting! Margaret Thatcher’s funeral dominates social media in the UK, while the papers battle it out to condemn or congratulate those in charge of organising the former Prime Minister’s funeral. And in New Zealand, MPs pass legislation to allow same-sex marriage, and celebrate with a song.

By Olivia Salazar-Winspear



2015-10-01 Russia

Russian media accuse US of 'information warfare' over Syrian air strikes

Russia's air strikes in Syria are the top story on most news websites today, with lots of differing points of view regarding Russia's role. Meanwhile, Moscow says the Pentagon is...

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2015-09-30 Syria

Uncertainty over Russian air strikes in Syria

As Russia begins air strikes in Syria, there are different claims as to who Moscow is targeting - France's defence minister says the air strikes did not target the Islamic State...

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2015-09-29 Valérie Trierweiler

Corbyn's media backlash and Trierweiler's Japanese photoshoot

Jeremy Corbyn's first leader's speech at the UK Labour Party's annual conference was a chance to lash out at the right-wing press for their "biased" coverage - we take a look at...

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2015-09-28 Mars

Water on Mars = life on Mars?

NASA has announced that water in liquid form has been found on Mars - we take a look at the buzz. Also, the French government is crowdsourcing a new law on "digital rights" - we...

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2015-09-25 China

Xi Jinping swerves photo op with the Pope

Chinese leader Xi Jinping meets internet heavyweights in Seattle despite a strict crackdown on much of their activity in Chinese cyberspace. His state visit to the US brought up...

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