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FRANCE 24 turns 10: Behind the scenes of the channel

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Video: Far-right at the gates of power in Austria

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Discovering the winter 2016/2017 men's fashion collections in Paris

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Rendez-vous on '42nd Street' as the meta musical comes to Paris

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Uzbekistan reinforces its tight grip on election and country

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#THE 51%

Generation porn: The impact of online pornography on teen sexuality

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Marty McFly's self-tying shoes inspire new Nike sneakers

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'Hollande's protégé steps forward after palace coup'

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French papers react after Hollande bows out: 'The End'

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Latest update : 2013-04-18

Not everyone's a Thatcherite, David Cameron

There's confusion in the US media as reports circulate of an arrest in connection with the Boston bombing. The FBI quickly deny this and tell journalists to verify information before reporting! Margaret Thatcher’s funeral dominates social media in the UK, while the papers battle it out to condemn or congratulate those in charge of organising the former Prime Minister’s funeral. And in New Zealand, MPs pass legislation to allow same-sex marriage, and celebrate with a song.

By Olivia Salazar-Winspear



2016-11-30 Donald Trump

Trump/Romney dinner: 'Romney swallowed frogs legs and his pride'

In this edition, we look at how Donald Trump plans to manage his business conflicts of interest when he becomes president. Meanwhile, Twitter is aflutter with hilarious memes...

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2016-11-29 Brazil

#Chapecoense plane crash: Tears, tributes to Brazilian team

MediaWatch looks at how the world has reacted to the tragic loss of Brazilian football team Chapecoense in a plane crash. Tributes, painful memories and images of loss are...

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2016-11-28 François Fillon

Fillon's next challenge

MediaWatch takes a look at reactions to François Fillon's triumph in the French conservative primary and what challenges now lie ahead for him. Plus, after the latest...

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2016-11-25 François Fillon

Trump Casts Shadow Over Black Friday

MediaWatch looks at the topics commanding the most attention after last night's conservative primary debate in France. Plus, the barrier-breaking video to highlight the...

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2016-11-24 François Fillon

France's Conservative Choice: Fillon or Juppé?

MediaWatch looks at opinions of the contenders in the French conservative primary, ahead of this weekend's decisive run-off vote. Plus, Thanksgiving becomes Trumpsgiving! Many...

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