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Latest update : 2013-04-30

Anti-monarchy movement spreads in the Netherlands

Today on the net: the anti-monarchy movement in the Netherlands; Jimmy McMillan releases a rap video announcing his intention to run for Mayor of New York City; and a charity site is auctioning off a coffee date with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Anti-monarchy movement spreads in the Netherlands

Over 1,000 Facebook users have said they will be attending a rally in Amsterdam this Tuesday, to protest against the Dutch monarchy. The rally will coincide with Queen Beatrix’s official abdication and the investiture ceremony of her son Willem Alexander.

A number of anti-monarchy groups have come to the fore in recent weeks, demanding an end to the monarchy. The “This is 2013” group says on its website that it hopes the new king will be the last to take to the throne, and calls for a referendum on abolishing the constitutional monarchy in the Netherlands in favour of a republic.

Another anti-monarchy group, the NRG, is pursuing a similar objective, and would like to start by reducing the royal family’s cost to tax payers. The group has launched an online petition demanding the 850,000 euros currently allocated to the monarch as a working salary be dropped to 150,000 euros. The document has already gathered over 20,000 signatures.

In another e-petition some 40,000 web users are threatening to renounce their citizenship in protest of the King’s Song. Performed by fifty or so Dutch artists this official coronation anthem has come under much criticism, notably for its lyrics and their over laudatory praise for the monarchy. The local authorities did momentarily consider removing it from the day’s activities before finally deciding to keep it in. 

Jimmy McMillan is running for mayor of NYC

With his unusual look and his message ‘the rent is too damn high’ Vietnam war veteran Jimmy McMillan became a household name back in 2010 when he ran for governor of New York. He and his thick white beard are back on the political scene, last week he announced he would be joining the race for Mayor of New York City, with the election scheduled for November.

Now McMillan is not a conventional politician to say the least; he has released this rap video as part of the campaign, singing about why voters should choose him to become the Big Apple’s next mayor. The 66-year-old starts by slamming the current mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg and his time in office, and then goes back to his favourite topic: the exorbitant rental prices in the city. He promises that if elected he will make it his priority to lower housing costs…

His supporters have been sharing the rap video online, and have been using his slogan as a hashtag on social media platforms to ensure his message is heard by as wide an audience as possible. Web users can also contribute to the eccentric candidate’s campaign fund by buying t-shirts bearing his party’s logo or miniature McMillan figures and of course the CD of the famous song : all available on this dedicated website

Now trending on social networks

Former US president Bill Clinton officially joined Twitter last Wednesday. Under the handle @BillClinton, the ex-head of state has posted just a handful of tweets so far, but in less than a week he already has over 500,000 followers. His Twitter debut has stirred up something of a buzz as it is a first; Bill Clinton is the only former occupant of the White House present on the social network. 

Apple’s Tim Cook auctions off coffee date

Charity site Charity buzz is running a rather unusual auction at the moment, offering bidders the chance to go for a coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The coffee date with one of the most influential men on the planet is valid for two people who will get between 30 minutes and one hour of his time. The auction closes on May 14th and is already proving hugely popular online, with some prepared to pay over 600,000 dollars for this tête à tête with the Apple boss. It’s a great deal of money and will be donated to a Human Rights organization in the US.

Video of the day

The American comic book superheroes may have amazing powers, but they are still people and in need of a bit of affection now and then. This video is currently doing the rounds on sharing sites and features a collection of comic book characters speed dating - we see, amongst others Spiderman, Thor, Batman’s faithful sidekick Robin talking about finding true love, and how difficult it is for them to meet someone, and start a serious relationship. The video is great fun and proves that behind the mask is a lonely person looking for love...

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