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France launches website to counter jihadist propaganda

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Hollande depicted as Hitler

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Boko Haram crisis: Militants forced from north eastern Nigerian town

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Syria: Wresting control of Kobani from IS group

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A who's who of the 'Bettencourt trial'

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Golan Heights on edge...

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Eugene Kaspersky: Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure 'just a question of time'

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#THE 51%

Equality in the workplace: Bridging the gender pay gap

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The culture stars trying to save the world

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Latest update : 2013-05-13

Claims of election fraud in Pakistan

Today on the net, web users in Pakistan report voting irregularities during the country’ General Election. Lively debate over a cervical cancer awareness campaign in Singapore. And the video diary of a motorcyclist who rode all the way across the American continent…

Claims of election fraud in Pakistan

Countless web users across Pakistan have been expressing their pride on social networks, after casting their vote in Saturday’s general election, which saw a record turnout: an historic election, marking a democratic milestone for Pakistan, despite reports of irregularities during the voting process.

Several political parties had urged voters to monitor the electoral process. The Movement for Justice party led by Imran Khan, set up this online platform collating claims of fraud sent in from all over the country, whether that was the falsification of ballot papers or attempts to intimidate voters.

A number of amateur videos are also circulating online, denouncing dubious practices. Filmed secretly on a mobile phone, these images appear to show several women quite obviously ballot stuffing in a polling office in the southern city of Hyderabad.

These photos are being relayed on social networks, and were reportedly taken in the streets of Karachi. The web users who posted them say they show ballot papers that have been retrieved and destroyed. There were in fact so many allegations of electoral fraud, that the Election Commission announced voting would be re-run in forty or so polling offices across Karachi.


Singapore: cervical cancer ad wants ladies to lift their skirts

The "Singapore Cancer Society" is currently running a campaign aimed at raising awareness about cervical cancer encouraging women to go for free screenings. The campaign features a series of posters depicting several well-known faces in a Marilyn Monroe-like pose urging women across the country “lift your skirt, save your life”. The wording and visuals have prompted lively debate on the local web.

Although the majority of web users are defending the poster campaign and the way it is using humour to talk about a sensitive issue, like cervical cancer screening, some Singaporean web users are not quite so won over by this communication campaign.

And many have taken to local discussion forums to slam the slogan chosen for the campaign, calling it sexist and distasteful. Others say it shows bad judgment, making light of a very serious subject. And some are questioning the relevance and effectiveness of the campaign, as the posters feature young models and this type of cancer predominantly affects older women.

Arguments that fail to convince those backing the initiative, like this blogger for example who say the campaign is achieving what it set out to do because it has brought the subject of cervical cancer into the spotlight and if that helps save lives then its content is of little importance.


“Where is Jacques Chirac?”

This game was inspired by the famous "Where’s Wally?" comic strip, where the well-known character and his red and white jumper, have been replaced by former French president Jacques Chirac. It’s available on the site “Where is Jacques Chirac?” and players have 30 seconds to find the ex-head of state, in a series of photos where he is hidden among hundreds of people.


Reddit restores 87-year-old grandpa's damaged Navy photo

Steven Withey was helping his grandfather Derek set up a new PC when the Second War Veteran who served with the British Royal Navy, got out a photo of himself in uniform as a young man. A photo that over time had become cracked and creased. And so the grandson decided to ask users of community site Reddit for help in restoring it. A number of web users got to work straightaway and mission accomplished in less than 24 hours, much to the delight of the former Royal Navy officer.


Video of the day

Alex Chacon left Alaska on his motorbike in November 2010 to make the 500-day journey to Southern Argentina, travelling through 22 countries. The 25-year-old American covered over 132,000 kilometers on his motorbike, and in this video, he shares just some of America’s most beautiful landscapes he saw along the way...

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2015-01-30 France

France launches website to counter jihadist propaganda

In this edition: France launches a website to counter Jihadist propaganda; a Venezuelan official facing allegations of drug trafficking; and an American farmer creating “cow art”!

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2015-01-29 Mexico

Mexican government declares missing students dead

In this edition: online reactions after the Mexican government declares the 43 missing students dead; the death of a female protester in Cairo sparks outrage among Egyptian web...

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2015-01-28 Japan

Japan: Online campaign to free journalist held by IS group

In this edition: Campaigning for the release of a Japanese journalist held by the Islamic State terror group; Calls to change the date of “Australia Day”; And an insider’s...

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2015-01-27 USA

'Snowmageddon 2015': Web users brace for massive snow storm

In this edition: Americans brace themselves for a massive snow storm along the east coast; El Salvador pardons a woman serving thirty years on abortion charges; and a ski...

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2015-01-26 Facebook

Facebook cracks down on viral hoaxes

In this edition: Facebook is cracking down on viral hoaxes; the movie "American Sniper" sparks controversy; and YouTube regular Devin Supertramp shares his best shots of 2014.

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