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© Wild Bunch International

Text by Joseph BAMAT

Latest update : 2013-07-10

The trailer for the upcoming movie about Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been revealed by producers Wild Bunch. Starring Gérard Depardieu, it appears the film will deliver every raunchy detail of the disgraced man’s sordid sex life.

A trailer of the upcoming film about former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s monumental fall from grace has been unveiled exactly two years after the former French politician was arrested by New York City police.

The film, which is titled “Welcome to New-York” for French audiences, is being promoted as full-frontal account of Strauss-Kahn’s sex-crazed ride toward disaster.

Actor Gérard Depardieu, a renowned French figure who has faced his own share of controversy, plays the high-flying and embattled economist who before his arrest in May 2011 was considered a prime contender for the French presidency.

It appears from the trailer that seedy encounters with long-haired beauties and drunken orgies will play a central role in the Abel Ferrara-directed film.

In once scene, Strauss-Kahn is shown lying on a bed among dozing and spent prostitutes when a friend asks, “Why do you do all this fucking?” To which the anti-hero answers, “What do you prefer, playing golf?”

The film will also feature its version of the encounter in the Manhattan Sofitel suite between Strauss-Kahn and hotel maid Nafissatou Diallo, who accused him of forcing her to perform oral sex. Strauss-Kahn has maintained it was consensual.

The trailer hints of what will likely be a constant throughout the movie: a careful avoidance of using Strauss-Kahn’s name to avoid any lawsuits in France, as well as a generous amount of creative license in portraying scenes that have not been detailed in court records.

Paris-based Wild Bunch, which produced the movie and released the trailer this week, told French media that the first part of the film will recount Strauss-Kahn’s battle in court. The second, producers said, will focus on his complex relationship with then-wife Anne Sinclair, played by British actress Jacqueline Bisset.

Date created : 2013-05-16


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