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Paris, Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015.

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Exclusive: an unlikely victim of the 'War on Terror'

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2014-07-11 21:47 AFRICA NEWS

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Finally, a good use for new app "Yo"

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The World This Week - 11 July 2014 (part 2)

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The World This Week - 11 July 2014

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#THE 51%

Sweden: A Feminist's Paradise?

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Politics: parties under pressure

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In Burma, the rise of radical Buddhism

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Live from the newsroom, we provide an overview of the stories making the French and international newspaper headlines. From Monday to Friday at 7.20 am and 9.20 am Paris time.



Latest update : 2013-05-31

The Power Vacuum surrounding Syria, and three British bugbears for the price of one

No power vacuum lasts forever. So in the absence of significant American intervention in Syria, regional powers have jumped in – above all Hezbollah and its sponsor, Iran. We look at three perspectives on that, before we go to the UK where we read about three things that drive the Brits crazy: immigration, Europe and social assistance. And they’re all wrapped up in one story!

The Washington Post blames the US government for failing to act on any of its “red lines” and leaving a power vacuum in the region. The London-based Asharq Al-Awsat says the vacuum will not only allow Iran to increase its presence in Syria, it will lead to Iranian hegemony across the region. And Haaretz wonders whether this will lead to a power struggle with Israel as new arms shipments from Russia could provide the Syrian regime with the means to challenge Israeli air superiority.

Back in Europe, the European Union has taken Britain to court over concerns that non-British EU immigrants are being treated unequally, because some are denied social assistance. The Daily Mail says that if the UK loses the case, it will be forced to “throw open its doors to benefit tourists.” And “jobless migrants who never paid” into the benefits system “will pocket millions in state handouts.”

The Guardian says, on the other hand, that the EU is within its legal rights to take Britain to court, as unequal treatment - granting social aid to some and not to others - is a violation of human rights. But the problem, it says, is that even if the EU is legally right, the British people were never convinced of the need to even join the EU - much less subscribe to its rules.

By Kyle G. Brown




2014-07-11 France

'Caution, another Cast Lead lies ahead'

As a one-off this Friday, the international and French press reviews are merged. Coverage of the Israel-Hamas conflict dominates. We look at two Israeli papers: one urging a...

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2014-07-10 Indonesia

57 000 little problems

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Thurs. 10.07.14: International papers focus on tensions in the Middle East, elections in Indonesia and illegal immigration in the United States.

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2014-07-10 France

The Sarkozy 'threat'

FRENCH PAPERS - Thurs. 10.07.14: French papers focus on government spending cuts, former President Nicolas Sarkozy's potential political return and the opposition UMP's shady...

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2014-07-09 2014 FIFA World Cup

Brazil's worst defeat in history

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Weds. 09.07.14: International papers largely focus on Brazil's humiliating 7-1 defeat to Germany in the World Cup semi-final. Could this loss remind a lot...

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2014-07-09 UMP

Rachida Dati's €10,000 phone bill

FRENCH PAPERS - Weds. 09.07.14: French papers focus on a bill that's going to be discussed in today’s cabinet meeting, aimed at beefing up France’s anti-terrorism laws. Also, the...

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