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Latest update : 2013-06-30

Egypt president’s online campaign to defend first year in office

Today on the net: Mohammed Morsi takes to the web to defend his first year in office; Benjamin Netanyahu’s Instagram account becomes an online laughing stock; And the mayor of Ankara slams western media via Twitter.

Egypt president’s online campaign to defend first year in office

Egypt’s president Mohammed Morsi launched an online campaign last week to defend his first year in office. Called “Morsi First year” it seeks to catalogue the successes and difficulties the head of state has encountered since being elected in June 2012.

In addition to this website the Egyptian presidency has also taken to social networks. This Facebook page details the challenges facing the head of state in a number of sectors from health to energy.

Campaigning is also underway on Twitter. Mohammed Morsi is communicating via an account set up specifically for this, encouraging his fellow citizens to share their views under the hashtag #morsifirstyear. Some have taken the opportunity to applaud him and the rights achieved by the revolution. Others however have used the keywords to criticize the Muslim Brotherhood and the policies pursued by the president’s administration.

Indeed one year on from his election, Mohammed Morsi appears to be facing growing opposition, reflected by the emergence over the past few weeks of the “Tamarrod”, meaning rebellion, movement. In this YouTube video we see opposition activists on the subway, asking passengers to sign a petition demanding the president’s resignation. They claim to have collected 15 million signatures so far, on the streets and online. A mass rally is being planned for Sunday to mark the first anniversary of Mohammed Morsi being sworn into office by demanding he step down.


Benjamin Netanyahu’s Instagram account

Blurry, poorly centered, or uploaded sideways… here are just some of the photos that have been published on the Instagram account set up by Benjamin Netanyahu’s communication team last year to share details of the Israeli Prime Minister’s day to day activities.

The quality of the shots is in stark contrast to those posted to his Facebook page, and have received widespread criticism on social networks. A blog has been set up compiling the worst Instagram pics, and come with comical captions poking fun at the head of state. This photo for example is thought to have insufficient light, and Benyamin Netanyahu, his Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin, and Russian president Vladimir Putin are described as “men of the shadows”.

And local media is also having its say. Daily newspaper Haaretz recently devoted an article to the Instagram account, describing it as a resounding failure in terms of political communication. The writer if the article also advises the Prime Minister to hire someone who actually knows how to use the photo and video sharing tool.

Benyamin Netanyahu has responded to criticism with humour, and released this badly filmed video clip in which he says he is going to be addressing the problem, and has written a promise that all photos posted to the Instagram account in the future will be of a much higher quality.


Now trending on social networks

Anti-government protests continue in Turkey, and a few days ago the Mayor of Ankara Melih Gokcek started an online campaign against western media. After taking to Twitter to attack a journalist from the BBC’s Turkish service, he went on to slam CNN, saying the station lied in its coverage of the protest movement. Local web users have responded by starting a hashtag which translate as "Melih Gokcek is a provocateur" to poke fun at the Ankara mayor and condemn his remarks.

A map of Twitter use in the US on mobile devices

This recently released interactive map shows where tweets are sent from and what type of mobile operating system was used to post them. We learn for example that the UK and the eastern part of the US tweet more than anywhere else in the world. Apple is leading the devices used because the majority of messages, represented by red dots on the map, have been published via an iPhone.


Video of the day

This video, entitled « Juggling around Iceland », was put together by an American who has been touring around the Nordic country. He wanted to share his experiences there in an unusual way, and so with the help of a GoPro camera and three yellow balls, he juggled his way around, using two hands, one hand, and even whilst driving a car…

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