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#THE 51%

The extraordinary tale of the Egyptian mother who lived as a man

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Erdogan: 'Turkey may provide logistical support to Saudi-led operation in Yemen'

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#TECH 24

Singularity University: Plotting a high-tech future for humans?

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Sound Bites: Eating on tour with Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos

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Video: A wind of freedom blowing in Kuwait

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Daniel Pipes: 'Obama has quite a hostility towards Israel'

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When haute couture becomes ready-to-wear for Alaïa, Jarrar and Kayrouz

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Oil prices fall after supply fears subside

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US presidential election: Who looks set to run in 2016?

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Latest update : 2013-07-08

The World This Week - 5 July 2013

Will the Egyptians who are celebrating on Tahrir Square later regret the army’s ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood-backed president? François Picard’s panel looks at the future of political Islam. Also, France’s contradictions over US intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden and royal comings and goings in Britain and Belgium.

  • Anne-Elisabeth MOUTET, Editorialist, The Sunday Telegraph
  • Eduardo CUE, International Affairs Editor, France 24
  • Gil MIHAELY, Journalist, Yedioth Ahronoth
  • Mohamed SALEM , Journalist, France24

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    Programme produced and prepared by Anelise Borges, Mary Colombel and Elom Marcel




2015-03-20 Tunisia museum attack

Tunisia Terror Attack; What next for Netanyahu and the US? (part 1)

In The World This Week, we focus on the storming of the Bardo antiquities museum by two-Libya trained jihadists in Tunisia, killing 21, an attack later claimed by the IS group....

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2015-03-20 Benjamin Netanyahu

Bibi's winning gamble; Obama's Middle East pivot; Climate change cyclone; Solar eclipse (part 2)

Nowruz was not forgotten by the White House, with the US president directly addressing the Iranian people to wish them Happy New Year, while crunch nuclear talks entered a...

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2015-03-13 Boko Haram

Boko Haram joins IS group, where's Putin?, Merkel's Japan mistake and the Gaye-Thicke plagiarism trial

In the second part of The World This week, we take a look at Boko Haram's pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State group. Also, Vladimir Putin's absence sparks rumours, Angela...

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2015-03-13 Syria

The enemies of my enemies: The battle for Syria and Iraq

In The World This Week, we turn to Syria. It's been four years since a protest in the Syrian city of Deraa, originally led in opposition to the brutal arrest of teenagers who had...

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2015-03-06 India

Rape in India, Russia after Nemtsov, France scolded for Smacking

In India a film about the gang rape of a student was banned as one of the defendants pinned the blame on the victim. This was followed by two brutal mob lynchings of suspected...

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