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Latest update : 2013-07-14

Social media connects Tunisians choosing not to fast during Ramadan

Today on the net: social media connecting Tunisians choosing not to fast during Ramadan; Madonna courts controversy with an online photo; and Spiderman playing basketball in his free time…

#Fater links Tunisians not fasting during Ramadan

These Tunisian web users are not planning on fasting during Ramadan and they are making no secret of it, as we can see on this Facebook group which features photos of them having lunch, drinking coffee or smoking a cigarette in the middle of the day. The page was set up in tongue in cheek defiance to Salafist preacher Adel Almi who threatened to photograph and denounce anyone who dared eat or drink in daylight during the holy month.

The site Nawaat reminds readers that there is no law forbidding eating and serving food in public places during Ramadan. The article goes on to explain that since the revolution and the Islamists taking office, numerous restaurants have decided to close during Ramadan although there is no legislation that says they have to.

And so some Tunisians have taken to social networks to list all the restaurants and cafés remaining open during the day. Web users have been posting the names and addresses of these establishments under the hashtag “#fater” which means “not fast” and they have also been pinpointed on this Google map which other users are welcome to add to.

Some have taken great exception to this initiative and are trying to sabotage the map by indicating places located in the Mediterranean Sea, whilst other non-fasters say they are respecting others by staying at home if they wish to eat before nightfall.

Madonna sparks controversy with online photo

She is known for being provocative and Madonna is courting controversy once again after posting a photo on her Facebook and Instagram pages with the caption “The Revolution of Love is On … Inshallah”: a reference to a girls education project she has set up in Pakistan. The picture features the American performer wearing a chainmail mask which appears to be a Niqab. The image has sparked lively reaction online.

The photo soon went viral, with thousands of web users sharing the pic on Facebook or posting comments to Twitter, many of them somewhat scathing, and many struggling to understand what sort of point the pop star was trying to make. Some have slammed her for what they describe as a gratuitous and attention grabbing act of provocation…

Madonna has since responded to the negative feedback, again via the web. The American star has posted another photo online to silence her critics with a very clear, unambiguous message. She defends her right to freedom of expression and suggests all those who were shocked by her photo should simply stop following her activity on social networks.

Now trending on social networks

Brazilian web users have been reacting to the death of singer MC Daleste under the hashtag “Funk Calls For Peace”. The 20-year-old was shot dead last Saturday whilst performing on stage at a free concert in the outskirts of Sao Paulo. Messages have been pouring onto social networks, paying tribute to the Brazilian funk artist and condemning the violence that plagues the country, although some have criticized him for inciting hate towards police in some of his lyrics.


Simpsonized celebrities

Korean singer Psy, American film director Steven Spielberg, tennis champ Serena Williams and the heroes of the TV series “Game of Thrones” … here are just some of the celebrities and fictional characters that have been transformed into Simpsons versions of themselves, by Belgian artist Adrien Noterdaem who uses the online pseudonym ADN, and who’s a huge fan of the famous animated series created by Matt Groening. You can check out these “simpsonized” celebs on the artist’s Tumblr blog or Flickr page, and the results are pretty impressive indeed.


Video of the day

When he’s taking a break from taking on villains, Spiderman likes to play a spot of basketball. And as we can see in this video currently doing the rounds on sharing sites, the superhero is pretty good at it! This video was made by American Streetball legend Grayson Boucher and will no doubt be a hit with basketball fans everywhere.

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