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2014-07-11 21:47 AFRICA NEWS

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The World This Week - 11 July 2014

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Latest update : 2013-07-24

Royal baby born, internet goes crazy

Today on the net: the web is a buzz with royal baby news. A Scottish island is wiped off Google Maps, providing much amusement for web users. And logo parodies show the dark side of big corporations.

Royal baby born, internet goes crazy

Announced online by the British Royal family, the birth of William and Kate’s son has set off an avalanche of comments on social networks. Twitter says royal baby mentions reached a peak of over 25 300 tweets per minute on Monday night.

These included countless messages of congratulations from all over the world, sent in by ordinary web users and also celebrities and political figures, such as English pop singer Cheryl Cole, American TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres and also the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper

Others have added a dose of humour with these photomontages that are being widely shared online. Some have imagined how the new heir to the throne will be presented to the public, and have played around with an image from the Walt Disney film “The Lion King”.

And advertisers are of course seizing the opportunity to promote their products. A number of brands have launched online ad campaigns with a royal baby theme.

Some people find the fervor and excitement irritating, and for anyone that’s had enough, you can download apps like to avoid all the online frenzy. This browser add-on for Google Chrome uses a filtering system, so looks for keywords and removes all content relating to the new born Prince.

Scottish island wiped off Google Maps

Residents from the Isle of Jura off the west coast of Scotland were left dumbfounded when early July they discovered the island had been wiped off Google Maps, leaving just an outline of where the mass of land should be, so all they saw was water with the name of the isle in the centre: an expected disappearance to say the least, which has yet to be remedied. The Mountain View form has put it down to a programming error during a system update, and it’s certainly got web users smiling…

Because everything is fine on the isle which is home to 187 permanent residents: well this is what local Lisa McDonald has reported in an interview with British website Deadline News. She says the island is still there and has not been submerged by water as the updated map could lead us to believe.

Some have tried to use Google’s error to their advantage: one local distillery for example organized an online competition where the aim was to help Google Maps locate the missing island on a blank map. The contest proved hugely popular and the winner was given a bottle of whiskey. 

One thing’s for sure, the story has certainly put the small Scottish island on the map in the figurative sense, and could well prompt tourists to head that way. This is what Scott Wightman is hoping; the UK ambassador to the Republic of Korea has posted a message on Twitter saying there’s no point trying to find the isle on Google, it’s best to go see it for yourself.

Now trending on social networks

An Iranian woman in tears as she is about to be thrown out of Australia: these images were posted to Twitter by the Canberra government to spread the news of the country’s new asylum policy, whereby all asylum seekers, who have risked their lives catching a boat to Australia will be refused entry and have no hope of settling in the country. The new policy and the way these images have been used as a political tool have been deemed “cruel” by countless Australians, who have taken to social networks over the past few days to share their outrage.

Logo parodies show dark side of corporations

A supersized McDonald’s M, an IKEA sign you have to assemble yourself, BP caught up in an oil slick, or the Olympic rings featuring performance enhancing drugs … these parodies of famous logos and other well-known brands were created by a group of Paris based artists, and satire specialists, called Maentis, and you can check out the collection on their web site.

Video of the day

This American soldier’s family will no doubt treasure this moment for ever. as we can see in the video, the soldier had not told his wife and daughter he would be coming home early from Afghanistan, and with the help of a friend, he surprised them, at the beach, by appearing out of the sea in military gear. This is a real heartwarming stuff indeed.

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