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The Best of the 2018 Cannes Film Festival

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Cannes 2018: and the Palme d’or goes to....

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Cannes 2018: Lebanese film 'Capharnaum' wows critics

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Ebola outbreak in DR Congo: vaccinations to start on Sunday

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The Royal wedding: Pomp & controversy

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Cannes 2018: John Travolta brings the mob to the red carpet

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Summit or No Summit: North Korea angry over military drill

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Could thawing permafrost unleash long-gone deadly viruses?

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French and noble in 2018: What remains of France's aristocracy?

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A live debate on the topic of the day, with four guests. From Monday to Thursday at 7.10 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2013-07-30

Mali: Which way after the election? (part 2)

Many people are hoping and praying that Mali's presidential elections will be the start of a new era, a time of peace and prosperity. In the past 18 months Mali has seen a military coup, an Islamist incursion take over the north of the country, and then a military intervention led by France. The French hailed Sunday's election as a success, even before the result is confirmed. Mark Owen and his panel discuss where Mali should go from here.

  • Abdoulaye MAIGA, Malian Engineering student, native of Gao;
  • Eduardo CUE, France 24 International Affairs Editor;
  • Hawa DEME, President of the Malian students and interns association;
  • Akli SH'KKA, Spokesperson, MNLA (National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad);
  • Dr. Cristina BARRIOS, Senior Analyst, European Union Institute for Security Studies.

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    Programme prepared and produced by David Boratav, Mary Colombel and Christopher Davis 



2018-05-17 European Union

With friends like Trump... What's Europe's answer to 'America first'?

It's Donald versus Donald. The president of the European Council let loose on trade tariffs and the Iran nuclear deal ahead of an EU leaders' dinner in the Bulgarian capital on...

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2018-05-16 Americas

Maduro's Venezuela: Can Chavez successor ignore international pressure?

Venezuela is a democratic country with no runaway inflation, no collapsing health services, no population flight. That's what incumbent Nicolas Maduro told FRANCE 24's Marc...

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2018-05-15 Middle East

To peace or catastrophe? Tensions rise in Gaza after US embassy moves to Jerusalem

A terrible massacre or a state defending itself? The killing of at least 60 civilian protestors on the Gaza-Israel border has sparked outrage worldwide - except for in Israel and...

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2018-05-14 Middle East

US embassy in Jerusalem: New era for the Middle East?

The United States officially recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel with the inauguration of the US embassy in the holy city on Monday, an event that coincided with...

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2018-05-08 Middle East

Lebanon's winds of change: Hezbollah and allies gain, Hariri's support slides

Voters cast ballots on Sunday in Lebanon's first parliamentary elections since 2009, with early results showing Lebanese PM Saad Hariri's party losing a third of its seats while...

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