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Morsi supporters being 'massacred' by Egypt's army

Text by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2013-08-14

"It’s impossible to count all the injured. There are millions of them," Tarek el-Morsi, spokesman for the Freedom and Justice Party, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, told FRANCE 24 on Wednesday.

Interviewed on FRANCE 24’s hourly bulletin on Wednesday, Tarek el-Morsi, the spokesman for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, condemned the “carnage” carried out by the Egyptian army on supporters of deposed president Mohammed Morsi.

Pro-Morsi partisans have been camping out for weeks near Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque and in Nahda Square in protest against Morsi’s ousting in July.

“It’s impossible to count all the injured. There are millions of them. Some are dropping dead at the hospital entrance,” said el-Morsi, who is close to the former president, describing the operation carried about by Egyptian military police against the pro-Morsi encampments on Wednesday morning.

“The army has closed off everything. I’ve been trying to get into the camps for hours, but I can’t,” he continued. “The army is blasting Morsi’s supporters with very strong gas, and it’s impossible to keep the injured away from the gas. It’s a real massacre.”

‘We don’t even have an army’

El-Morsi noted that there were around twenty tanks, and described the violence as “impossible to imagine”.

“These are the same types of images we see coming out of Gaza,” he said.

According to el-Morsi, the Egyptian army, which has the support of the interior ministry, is attacking the Muslim Brotherhood because the military is in a position of considerable power. “The army knows the values of the Brotherhood’s political wing, which prefers pacifism. We don’t even have an army,” the Islamist said.

The assault comes on the heels of the failure of several attempts at international mediation aiming to end the standoff between Morsi supporters and the interim military-backed government.


Date created : 2013-08-14


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