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Christian Kastrop, Director of Policy Studies, OECD

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Latest update : 2013-08-22

Swedish women stand up to Islamophobia

Today on the net, women in Sweden campaign against Islamophobia. Barack Obama’s new dog is already an Internet sensation. And web users are urging Facebook to hire a Palestinian IT expert.

Swedish women stand up to Islamophobia

Hundreds of Swedish women have taken to Twitter to post pictures of themselves with traditional Muslim headscarves. The campaign, which began on Monday, is to show solidarity with a woman, six months pregnant, who was attacked in a Stockholm suburb last Saturday, apparently for wearing a hijab.

The police are now investigating the incident as a ‘racially motivated attack’, prompting activists on Facebook to urge women from across Sweden, regardless of their faith, to wear a headscarf this week to protest against violence towards Muslim women and to show support for religious freedoms.

A number of Sweden’s well known faces including TV presenter Gina Dirawi, singer Sibille Attar and also Green Party MP Asa Romson have joined the campaign, posting hijab clad photos of themselves under the dedicated hashtag #HijabUppropet, which means ‘hijab outcry’ in Swedish.

And men are also rallying to the cause, keen to voice their solidarity with victims of Islamophobic harassment or attacks.

In an article published in Swedish daily Aftonbladet, the instigators of the movement say the number of Islamophobic incidents in Sweden is on the rise and demand the government does everything in its power to ensure the safety of veiled Muslim women.

The activists also met with Sweden’s Justice Minister Beatrice Ask on Tuesday to discuss the problem, and a rally is being planned in Stockholm for this Thursday to support Muslim women’s right to wear the hijab in public, in safety, in Sweden.


Barack Obama’s new dog is already an Internet star

There’s a new addition to the Obama family: after adopting Bo, a Portuguese water dog back in 2009, the US president welcomed a second pet to the White House on Monday. She’s the same race as Bo, she’s called Sunny and she’s already an Internet star.

Her arrival has been widely publicized on the various communication channels used by Barack Obama and his family. The official White House and First Lady Twitter accounts were soon posting messages about and photos of Sunny. The snaps were also shared on the White House website’s welcome page to introduce her to the people of America.

There’s even an entire article devoted to Sunny on the White House blog, describing her as very affectionate and full of energy, it also explains how Bo couldn’t wait to have another dog to play with. 

And they hit it off straightaway. Well this is what this video would leave us to believe. It was posted online by the president’s team and shows the two dogs having fun and running around on the White House lawns. 

So will Sunny be as popular as her big brother Bo, who has been a great source of inspiration for online comedians? All sorts of spoof Bo accounts have been set up on Facebook and Twitter over the past few years, imagining what the US president’s pet could be getting up to. And it’s probably just a matter of time before similar tongue in cheek pages are set up for Sunny too.


Now trending on social networks

Web users have been posting under the hashtag “#HireKhalil” urging Facebook to employ Khalil Shreateh, a Palestinian man who hacked into Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page on the 15th August to expose a security flaw and software bug. But instead of rewarding him, Facebook decided to temporarily suspend his account, saying the IT expert had violated the company’s Terms of Service. Outraged by Facebook’s reaction, web users are now demanding the company gives him a job.


Campaign to create accessibility website for the disabled

Jennifer Feinberg, whose brother uses a wheelchair to get around, is aiming to raise 50 000 dollars to create a smartphone app and a website that will provide information on all the wheelchair accessible spots around New York City. Web users can support the “Wheel New York” project via the Kickstarter platform, a campaign that’s already proving popular, with some 12,000 dollars pledged so far.


Video of the day

This stop-motion video, made by Ben Garvin, is called "Magic beard" and shows him having a bit of fun with his enormous beard, and hiding things in it, like crayons or even vegetables: it’s great fun and available to view on all good video sharing platforms.

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