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South Korea: An inside look at the K-pop wave

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#THE 51%

Diving back in: Offering support for French mothers returning to work

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Chaotic post-hurricane relief efforts in Haiti

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Cash crunch casualties: India's wedding industry suffers from currency changes

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Ivory Coast faces uphill battle against counterfeit medicine

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The fight for transparency: Democracy put to the test

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Choreographer Akram Khan: 'The body speaks the truth'

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Admiring the gardens of tomorrow in France's Loire valley

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French fashion legend Pierre Cardin celebrates 70 years of design

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A debate on the latest developments in French politics with two Paris-based journalists. Every Tuesday at 4.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2013-09-27

French economic woes: ructions over pension reform

It's the image of a volcano: "You have a little smoke, the earth doesn't tremble, but it simmers and at some point, it has to erupt". That's how a union leader describes discontent with the government's pension reform. At least 155,000 people demonstrated this week against the plan to lengthen contributions from 41.5 years to 43 years. Also on the show: France tries to seize the diplomatic initiative on Syria and possibly avert military strikes.

On the set:

  • Jean-Marc Gonin, Senior Writer, Le Figaro Magazine;
  • Mark Deen, Journalist, Bloomberg News.

Prepared by Armen Georgian and Agnès Le Cossec




2016-12-06 Bernard Cazeneuve

2017 French presidential election: Can Valls unite the left?

After the surprise election of François Fillon as the conservative candidate for next year's French presidential elections, there was another surprise last Thursday with the...

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2016-11-30 François Fillon

The 'French Margaret Thatcher'? Former PM Fillon wins conservative primary

François Fillon is the new uncontested leader of the conservatives in France. After his resounding win in the primaries, the former prime minister is already training his sights...

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2016-11-22 Les Républicains

French conservative primary: An unexpected runoff

In a stunning upset, François Fillon, the former prime minister who was considered out of contention just two weeks ago, not only won, but won a resounding victory in the first...

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2016-11-15 Donald Trump

The rise of populism: Will there be a Trump domino effect in France?

Donald Trump's election has shocked the world and the aftershocks have crossed the Atlantic, landing smack in the middle of the French presidential campaign. Could a populist...

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2016-11-08 Emmanuel Macron

France’s 2017 presidential election: New alternatives rising on the left?

Next year's presidential election in France will be unusual in many ways: In addition to the strong probability that far-right leader Marine Le Pen will qualify for the decisive...

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