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France's top consumer group sues Internet giants

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Web users pay tribute to South Korea ferry victims

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A landslide victory for the 'invisible candidate' in Algeria's Presidential polls

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The World This Week - 18 April 2014

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The World This Week - 18 April 2014 (part 2)

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Presidential adviser resigns over "shoe-shine scandal"

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#THE 51%

Breaking stereotypes

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#TECH 24

Galaxy S5 v. HTC One (M8): Which is the right one for you?

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New PM Manuel Valls outlines priorities

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Latest update : 2013-10-03

French Food: the best in the world, or out of touch and old-fashioned?

Take a lashing of tradition, a sprinkle of talent, a pinch of creativity, mix well and garnish with pride. As France celebrates its famous food tradition with its national gastronomy festival, we're asking: is French cooking still on the boil, or has it gone cold?

Frog legs “meunières,” with smashed parsley roots flavoured with turmeric oil (By Thierry Molinengo)

For 10 people

Frogs Legs
5 skewers of frog legs (12 frog legs per person)
Splash of olive oil
Spoonful of butter
Garlic, thyme and bay leaves
Salt and pepper


Smashed parsley roots
500g of peeled parsley roots
40g of flat-leaf parsley
Salt and pepper

-Cut the roots into small pieces. Put them in a pan and cover with salted water. Simmer for 10 minutes. Put the parsley leaves in salted boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. Drain the parlsey and roots and when cool, blend them together in a mixer. Season with salt and pepper. Put aside.

-Dust the frog legs with flour and moisten with foaming butter, garlic, thyme and bay leaves. Sauté in a hot pan until lightly browned, allowing the excess flour to fall into the pan and brown. Remove the legs, plate them, and drain the excess cooking fat. Pat them with kitchen paper and season with salt and pepper.

-Arrange on a square white plate, draw a line of turmeric starting from the top left corner down to the bottom right. Fill 2 rectangular cookie cutters (15 cm x 2 cm) with 20 g of smashed parsley roots. Smooth the top and place the frog legs standing up on the smashed parsley roots.





2014-04-18 rap/hip-hop

Hip-hop musician Beat Assailant on mixing the sounds of the city

Hip-hop musician Beat Assailant has always been an urbanite. From Atlanta to Miami and Paris, he's used his travels to create a unique yet universal sound. Now he’s taken that...

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2014-04-17 US cinema

Fast cars and slow trains

On today’s show we take you on a high-speed, behind-the-scenes chase through actor Aaron Paul's latest film, "Need for Speed". Jade Barker sat down with the "Breaking Bad" star...

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2014-04-16 cinema

Art, sex, money, memory and manga

On today’s cinematic Encore! Lisa Nesselson discusses two movies for grown-ups. "The Best Offer" is the first English-language film by Giuseppe Tornatore who gave us "Cinema...

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2014-04-15 theatre

“Booty Looting” memory and mediums

Today’s guest weaves music with movement, dialogue with dance, photography with philosophy and myth with imagery. Film-maker and choreographer Wim Vandekeybus joins Jade Barker...

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2014-04-14 rap/hip-hop

Meet France’s newest indie darlings: "François and the Atlas Mountains"

France is known worldwide for its electro scene but in recent years these bands have also been enjoying success outside of the French-speaking market, with the likes of Phoenix,...

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